My Best Friend’s Husband Is Attracted To Me-Wants To Have A Thre3s0me With Me-Pls Advise

Please hide my details. I am praying to God to forgive me for what I have done. I need to try and do the right thing so I want advice from you and the house. I am a Nigerian but I live in Ghana. I shared an apartment with my friend, a Ghanaian for almost three years.

At the start of last year, My friend met someone online and they started dating. Eventually, they met up and before we knew it, the pandemic lock down came …this guy came to our apartment to quarantine with us. Initially, I was just being nice to him cos he is my friend’s guy and there was no where to go to anyway, everyone was indoors.

My friend was completely smitten by this guy, she did not really see who he truly was. Because, this guy was also flirting with me subtly. He would pinch my butt or boobs when my friend wasnt watching. I confronted him several times but he told me he is just playing ..I should relax.

And then, from playing, he would sneak into my room and try to fondle me. He begged me not to say anything, that he likes my friend alot but he is attracted to my s8xy body. I don’t know why I did not tell him to get lost but I was kinda enjoying the hide and seek game with him.

When I realized it was getting very dangerous was when we started giving each other orals. I had t make an excuse to go stay at a friend’s place cos I could not handle the attraction anymore. I stayed there until the lock down was lifted. By this time, my friend and her guy announced that they were engaged. I was shocked. I wanted to tell her to be careful but she was so happy besides her last relationship almost killed her, I did not want to break her heart again.

That is how I minded my business and kept to myself. And then it was my friend’s birthday, she had a house party and her guy came. I did everything in my power to avoid being alone with him in same room al through. At some point, he caught me and introduced me to a friend of his. A very attractive guy. He introduced him and said, this is Annie’s friend, the one I been telling you about.

This guy said he has heard so many nice things about me and would like to get to know me better. In my mind, I was wondering, did this fool tell his friend what he and I used to do behind my friend’s back? He must be a fool…but his friend was all over me and it looked like he wanted us to date.

After the birthday, he kept texting me, asking me out. I told Annie…in fact Annie was happy for me. That girl can be very stupid when it comes to love. She pressured me to date her guy’s friend. I eventually went on a date with him. I wont lie, this guy was too smooth. I was literally loosing my mind as he was talking to me.

I am single …and searching…this guy seemed to tick all my boxes and even more. I was beginning to loose my senses…he moved really fast seeing I was under his spell. So, we started dating. He gave me no breathing space either. Annie my friend and her guy got married in February this year. I was her chief brides maid and my boyfriend, Annie’s husband friend was his best man.

After marriage, Annie moved to her husband’s house. Everything was cool. I was in a relationship with a very hot guy and I was happy. Well, until like two months later, my boyfriend invited me to spend the weekend at his place. I was excited. I knew it was going to be a lit weekend. I packed and went off to his place. And it was a very exciting time…no dull moment if you know what I mean.

Then came Saturday night, we were getting intimate and then my boyfriend started asking me questions about our s8x life. That he wants to spice it up. I was like, Me too…we can do fun stuff which he is always introducing every time. We use toys and stuff and try all kinds of adventure. That is how hot my relationship is and I love it.

However, this time, my boyfriend was talking about spicing up our s8x by bringing someone else, to have a threesome. I told him no…I have never done that before and its dangerous. He was like, I should try it for him…that he always fantasize about it…I asked him if he has done it before, he said. So, I told him I could try it and if I dont like it, I will stop. We agreed and had a deal.

Well, as the night progressed, we had some drinks and having fun when the door bell rang and guess who came in? Annie’s husband…this was around almost 11pm. I was confused, what was this guy doing here. And the more shocking thing happened. My boyfriend came in, in nothing, stark naked and say hey sweetheart, he has arrived. Me wondering…who has arrived…is he not seeing Annie’s husband ?

And these two men smiled and started kissing in front of me…like I was thinking I was going crazy…I was dreaming a bad dream…my boyfriend said…baby, Charly will be joining us tonight and we are going to have alot of fun. My friend’s husband said he is so excited and has been waiting for this for so long.

Charly is Annie’s husband and he and my boyfriend are apparently lovers…as in…they are bi-s*xual men. And maybe it was the drinks that I had…I found myself having a threesome with Annies husband and his friend, who happens to be his lover. It was mad crazy. All night long. Drinking, doing drugs and wild s8x. The guys really had fun. I did but by the next day, when I became sober, I knew I had gone too far.

My boyfriend was telling me that Charly and him have been in love since and they both share lovers of the opposite s8x from time to time. That Charly is really attracted to me. They both loved sleeping with me. And that they will reward me handsomely for my participation. Just to get them off my back, I told them I would think about it.
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