I See, I Saw, I Conquer: My Nysc S€x Service To 3 Sisters 12

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I removed my boxer took my CD put it onand used tissue to wipe her Kitty- Cat dry
(before I go fall my hand ) then I put my
buju inside it just entered straight away and
I enjoyed it penetration, no stress , I pound
and pound till I came after about 5min of
pounding, we lay and chat a little, before u
know she started touching me and said I
have done my own and nw is her turn I
said ok as I lye , she climbed over me and
we starts by kissing, she kiss down to my
neck , my Tips , down to my groin area, the
sensation I was getting was from another
planet , she used one of her hand to stroke
my Joystick , as it gained weight she swallowed
it in her mouth and suck- licked it I moaned
sweetly, she did that for like 5min then she
over me and squat down until I was fully
inside of her , she ride on top of me as I
was just enjoying every bit of it and to top it
up the slamming of her soft yansh on my
groin made it so sweet that I still fantasize
fu*king a very fat girl till today, she
slammed until she will sit and just rub the
buttocks on me , she came down from the
bed and asked me to shift to the edge , she
now sit on my Joystick backing me and
continued the jolly ride , again I just watched
as her phat yansh jumps up and down on
me , *some fat toto dey sweet sha!* we
fu*ked for like 20min , then I told her I
want to take over, I asked to go doggie for
me , she kneel on the bed as I enter from
back , I held her huge hips and knacked
from back , after like 3 min I asked to spread
everything wide for me , she lied on her
back on the bed spread her legs apart and
support them with her hand I dived inside
with my tongue I licked her clit , sucked it
while three of my finger scrutinize her
inside, finally she let out heavy heavy
moans , *for my mind I say na nw I do
something after like 3min of eating her
Kitty- Cat I inserted my Joystick again and pound
untill we came , and when checked the time
it was to 3am so we just slept off .
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