Big Chest,Thighs like Heaven: My Friday Night Cab Se€xcapade II

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That was all I needed, her

permission has been granted!

My fingers probed the wet pot,

seeking for more intense

pleasure, she slid down the chair,

opened her legs wider, enjoying

my finger pen3*trat!on. She sat

there with her legs ajar as far as

the sitting area could allow her, I

was beyond control. I wanted to

park off somewhere on the road.

She said no,so we proceeded to

Parking place at Megaplaza, went

all the way to the top, cooly

parked in a very dark spot.

I switched the A.C to the highest

and faced the vent to the

window, I pulled the lever

beneath my seat and shifted it all

the way to the back. I reclined

her seat as well, first thing i did

was to unleash those bad boys….

I pulled the tanktop down to her

belly, i was impressed with what

i saw, it was a beautiful sight, her

b0*0b sack was big, her are0|a

were darker than I thought, her

n!*pples were very inviting, i

wanted to sm0*0ch them, sv*ck

them put my member in-

between them all at once. I just

wanted to do everything at once.

I was losing composure but i

calmed myself from within, more

like practicing Tai-chi like Jet Li

does in his movies. I called ‘Inner

Peace’ in my spirit, then I picked

one action at a time. Before i

went on, I unhooked my belt,

zipped down my zipper and

released my male member, it felt

free, the air was cool, she looked

at it, looked at my face.

K!$$3d my lips, took her hands to

my shaft and stroked it up and

down, the skin of her palms

against my hand was something

else, her palms were so soft, it

was like a massage down there.

My member was jerking at the

stroking she was giving out, I

moved back to the finger

activity.She was moving her

waist to the rhythm of the

movement of my finger. I used

my other hand to rub her

n!*pples. I was rubbing her

n!*pple in between my fingers,


She was arching her back of the

seat of the car, she was trying

hard to get to my member while

I was fondling her, but she

couldn’t stroke it as much as she

wanted to. She was way beyond

wet, when I took a break. She

grabbed my d!*ck, bent her body

over to my seat, planting a k!$$

on the tip of my member. It felt

good despite the fact that the

fellatio hadn’t started yet. She

bumped her head down my

shaft. Her mouth was warm, she

was going for the deep throat. At

this point, I totally forgot she was

my passenger,dint know if she

was infected with the deadly

virus or even if she was sent

from the Pit of Hell. I was living in

the moment, the moment of

s3*xual ecstasy.

She sv*cked onto my d!*ck with

passion, flapping her tongue

over my balls in the process. I

couldn’t do anything but enjoy

the ride, running my hands

through her brazilian hair, I tried

to sneak my hand underneath

her to twist and rub her n!*pples.

We were both lost in lust.

My boner was getting way out of

control, i gently moved her up

and took out a condom from my

emergency stashbox in the cab.

She wore it on me expertly.

She pulled up tank top to belly,

the elastic material was on point

and it obeyed. Her a$$ wasn’t

very biggy but super shapey and

cutely small. She moved over and

straddled me in the driver’s seat.

She guided my boner into her

honeypot, it was warm and felt

so good the way her honeypot

welcomed my boner. I could feel

the pv*ssy hugging my member.

She started riding me slowly,

because of the size of my

member, she had to do it slowly,

she put it in stages.

Firstly, the tip and a little of the

shaft for the first few strokes

and more deeper with more

strokes until my member was

fully in her.

She was jerking alone at first

but then I moved my waist to

meet her strokes mid-way which

wasn’t easy but still felt good. I

was trying to jerk faster but the

sterling wheel and pedals

weren’t helping. I held her small

shapey bum in my hands

pressing them down into my

waist, she was m0*aning, I felt the

car bouncing in the parking lot.

We were bumping as fast as our

bodies could carry us. The tempo

became erratic at a point.

We stopped for a bit and tried to

change position, we tried a

doggy but it was the best

position we really had in mind, it

was stressful but we couldn’t

stop. I was afraid i was gonna

damage the roof of the car as we

were both allowing our private

part guide our actions, during

the fast thrust, my bum hit the

horn on the steering wheel, I

collapsed on her with laughter

and she laughed harder beneath

me. Her complexion was so

bright that when I collapsed on

her, her sweet fragrance filled my

nose, I resumed pummeling her

from the back and then her

laughter turned into m0an,

something that thrilled my ears.

I felt my load coming after some

strokes. I pulled out and watched

as my cvmm filled the condom. I

usually practiced this to make

sure that the condom didn’t

break during the main action.

I removed it and kept it discreetly

to dispose of later, we both

relaxed on the seat, trying to

catch our breathe. We spent

another 30 minutes in the cold

catching up where she revealed

more about herself.

She told me she lived abroad for

about 10-15 years coming home

to practice Law with a Fortune

500 law firm…. a few moments

later, her phone started ringing.

Her friends were inquisive of

where she has been for over 1


I reversed the cab, dropped her

infront of the Megaplaza, she

paid me in full. She collected my

number and we parted way, I

drove home and had a thorough

shower, thats all for me.

Took a decision to go for

deliverance session, just

wondering who shags someone

he picked up in the cab.Anyway,

thats what happened a particular

night. I gently crawled under my

duvet and allowed sleep to take

me away, thinking of our steamy

session in my car. Hoping that my

car doesn’t develop fault the next

day because people say its bad

omen to shag in the car.

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