[CONFESSION TIME] How I F**cked My Maths Teacher At A Very Tender Age – III

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She said that I can focck her after I lick her pusss. I was hesitant at first, but when I started it I really liked it and continued licking her pusss for about 10 minutes. She was m0-@ning all along talking erotically. Then she took my face in hers and k!$$ed me on my lips and said “Focck me” in a slutty way. She made me lie on my back and came on top of me. She slid my pen!s into her already wet vag!-na.

She controlled the strokes the way she wanted and I was like in heaven. We went on for five minutes and then changed the position. I stood on the floor and took her to the edge of the bed. I inserted my pen!s again into her pusss and began stroking her. I began very slowly and I kept on increasing the speed.

About five minutes into it, her grunting and m0@-ning got louder and she wrapped her legs around me tightly and pressed both her hands down there. My pen!s was still inside her. She later told me that she had an org-@sm at that time. I began to stroke her again and she told me to do it very slowly. She was behaving like unconscious. We went on for few more minutes and I cumm again this time inside her.

I fell on top of her tired and she k!-$$ed me again on my lips. She told, “you are pretty good”. I smiled back.”It was the best s3-x I ever had. My husband doesn’t like to lick my pusss and that is what I crave for the most. Did you like my pusss?” she asked. I said yes and it tasted great.

We held our arms around each other and laid there completely naked. We slept for two hours and woke up before her son returned. Before I left she told me that I should not misunderstand and said she is not a s|ut or anything. Everything that went on between us was because we were so close.

She said she couldn’t resist the urge for s3-x when she saw my bulge in the first place. I said I only understand her better and I said I love her. She smiled back. Now we always have s3-x when she is alone at her home and when I am free and I even foccked her in the asss which was her fantasy.

Now, she left for Lagos as her hubby got transferred there.

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