[CONFESSION TIME] How I Fv-cked My Maths Teacher At A Very Tender Age – II

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I just smiled back. She sat on the bed and got hold of my coc-ck. She car3ss3d it and gave a nice k!ss at its tip. I was like in heaven.

She began to stroke it with her hands spitting on it every now and then. She then put it in her mouth and began to su-ck and lick it. It gave me a pleasure that is beyond the description. Wow. All these years, I had fantasized about Miss Bimbo when I mastvr-bated and today she was giving me a blow-j0bb. She didn’t speak anything and there was some m0-aning here and there. She was still fully dressed and I didn’t have the courage to ask her to remove it.

She continued for some 10 minutes and I couldn’t hold on for more and then I cu-m. She caught it fully in her mouth and swallowed it and licked off what was left over from my pen!s. I was a little ashamed, feeling I didn’t hold out enough for her. I laid there fully nak-ed. She too laid right next to me and gave me a k!ss on the lips.

While she was ki$$ing, she was holding my pen!s and my balls with her hand. She continued ki$$!ng me for five minutes and it was very wet. I enjoyed it very much. She smiled at me and lay there next to me keeping her hand on my chest. I really wanted to see her nak-edness and I lost my patience and after a little hesitation I asked: “Can I see you nak-edness?”.

She told me “I was wondering why you were not asking me this. I was beginning to think I forced you into this, I mean are you ok with this?”. I quickly said yes and it was my wildest of dreams and I am enjoying every bit of it. Then, she told me to be a man and ask what I needed and it’s only between us both.

She got up with a cute smile and stood to face me. She first removed her towel and got out of it. I got a clear view of her soft legs.. It was a real feast for my eyes. She had a little bulky belly and thigh.

But I must say they were well shaped and they only added fuel to her beauty. She asked me to get up and I stood in front of her. I had got another erection by this time and my co-ck was touching her belly her b0-0bs were firm like melons with large round dark n!-pples. It was the first time I was seeing a woman nak-ed in real life.

I held them in my hands and squeezed it. I k!$sed on the n!-pples and I couldn’t resist soccking it. I soccked them for quite a while and I got her on the bed. She took her legs up and asked me to take her panty off. I slowly took it off. She was really hairy down there and I loved it. She asked me if I wanted to focck her and I said yes of course.

She said that I can focck her after I lick her pusss. I was hesitant at first, but when I started it I really liked it and continued licking her pusss for about 10 minutes. She was m0-@ning all along talking erotically. Then she took my face in hers and k!$$ed me on my lips and said “Focck me” in a slutty way. She made me lie on my back and came on top of me. She slid my pen!s into her already wet vag!-na.

She controlled the strokes the way she wanted and I was like in heaven. We went on for five minutes and then changed the position. I stood on the floor and took her to the edge of the bed. I inserted my pen!s again into her pusss and began stroking her. I began very slowly and I kept on increasing the speed…

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