I See, I Saw, I Conquer: My Nysc S€x Service To 3 Sisters 7

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The next day in school I received a textfrom rach that my bday gift was with tolu
so after school I went home , relax and then
read some of my school books , then during
the evenin as I was about going out for
evening stroll , as I opened the door I saw
tolu with a package in her hand but her
face wasn ’ t friendly, but I pretended to not
notice her mood and then asked
Me: is that for me ?
Tolu: yes! *stretching the gift towards me *
Me: WoW ! Thanks *smiling to her as if the
gift came from her * u shouldn ’ t have
Tolu: its not from me
Me: Really ? Then from who?
Tolu: anty rachael
Me: really ?* pretending to be surprise *
Tolu: Sir , *paused for like 5 sec * do u have
anything with my sister?
Me: why do u ask?
Tolu: can I come in?
Me: ehhmmm !!! Yeah sure.
She comes in and we sat to discuss, I was
just thinking of what to tell this girl that
won’ t upset her feelings
Me: hey ! What about ur people?
Tolu: my dad travel to abeokuta , my mum
went to market , anty funke is at home and
I don’ t know where samson is
Me: do funke know u re coming here ?
Tolu: no
Me: ok , so what do u want to know?
Tolu: why does anty rachael seems to like u
that much to the extent even u don ’t invite
me to ur room and when I want to see u ,
u’ ll give one excuse or the other, I am
having a strong feelings u like her too that y
u have been avoiding me ,
Me: hahahaha , avoid u ? No! no ! no ! no !,
the thing is , u see wat happen that night Is
what have been avoiding and…
Tolu: but I am not complaining na
Me: yes u re not but I felt terrible inside of
me , u see I like u , yes I do , but what if
someone find out about us , me and my
pupil, do u know the shame I ’ ll feel ? That’ s
y I have been acting the way I do , I am
Tolu: *sobs * that ’s y u left me for my sister,
*cries * becus she’ s older
Me: *i helped up and hugged her * No! No !
No! I don ’t have anything to do with her
believe me .
Suddenly my phone rang and when I
checked who the caller was, it was
Rachael , and tolu saw the phone when I
brought it out of my jean pocket , I was
stunned and wasn ’ t sure if I should pick the
Tolu: pick the call na
Me: why ?
Tolu: to prove u have nothing with her
Me: Oh! U don’ t believe me ?
Then call ended
Tolu: sir, please if she calls again pick the
call and put on speaker and if I confirm u
have noth …. *The phone rings again*
nothing to do with her as u said I won’ t
border u anymore
I looked at the ringing phone looked at Tolu,
she was just starring into my eyes with tears
inside her eyes. *what do I have to do ? I
asked myself * then I answered the call and
put it on speaker.
Me: helloo !!

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