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I See, I Saw, I Conquer: My Nysc S€x Service To 3 Sisters 9

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The next day , when i got home I justrelaxed in my room never bordered coming
out cuz i wasn ’ t sure of the reaction of tolu
when she’ ll see me and her sister, later tolu
came to my room with a book asking me to
explain something in maths, suspecting that
her sister will come to my room, well to be
honest I was not comfortable with the whole
explaining thing , I told her I was not in the
mood right now for such , she began to
move closer to me with this seductive look ,
wining her fine young body , *for my mind I
say I don die , which kyn smallie wahala be
this na * I moved to the door the asked her .
Me: why did u leave in that mood the other
Tolu: u lied to me that u had nothing with
anty rachael but she called u her love and I
was very angry about it
Me: sometimes u can call a friend my love
depending how close u and the person are .
Tolu: but u have never called me “ my love ”
and not just my love but “ my sweet love ”
Me: hahahahahahahahahahah
Tolu: laugh oh , I was angry oh and u didn ’t
even say sorry because u know how much I
love u .
Me: *just to make her feel good * I love u
too na and u know it .
Tolu: I doubt oh , after the 1st time u never
wanted me again.
Me: dats not true na I only took precautions
and u know it .
Tolu: I ’ ve miss u
Me: *for my mind , I dey pray make this
smallie do dey go na , * I miss u too
She walk straight towards me , I knew what
she wanted so I stretched my hand , drag
her close and kissed her as responded
immediately. *** gboozza*** my door
slammed open. We quickly adjusted as
asked with great annoyance on face .
Rach: Quiqui (pronounced kiki ) what is
happening here ? Oh so u’ ve been bleeping
my junior sister behind my back ?
Me: *starmmering * eeehmmm i …. . Its not
Rach: Shut up! Its not what what ?
Me: *eheehe see babe dey tell me shut up,
na my fault sha*
Tolu: anty rachael ejor ah ! Ema bi nu ah !
*while apologizing with yoruba dialect *
*kpawaiiii * a slap on her face
Rach: Shut up! I heard all u discussed here ,
I can’ t believe what I heard , in fact
Tolu: *crying* but anty we started dating
We both yelled at her ‘ shut up!!’
Then the sister resumed the pounding on
the younger one and I tried separating them
and hold one of Rachael ’ s hand and she
chased Tolu of my room, know what has
done and out of fear she didn’ t go home
directly passed the blind path of their
house .
Rach: common leave me ! In fact I don’ t
want to see u anymore, don’ t border calling
me or texting cus it be replied, I regret
knowing u . Then she left, then I know I ’ve
lost my babes , well I know I have someone
in mind , was hoping Bola can cool any of
my grief and heart break , so I dial the
number and hoped to get responds but
network wouldn’ t allow it . I was a bit scared
and hoped Rachael won ’t go home and
expose every thing, I had one thought
though, that she had a taste of it so I
hoped she wouldn’ t tell on her sister . The
next day at school, Tolu squeezed a note in
my palm, when I checked . I was a letter.


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