Late To Class,My Maths Teacher Cautioned Me Which Led To Intimacy- II

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I took her left br3*ast in my hand

and started suck*!ng it rapidly. I

was holding her neck with my

right hand. I suck*3d her br3*ast

like I ever fantasised. She slowly

reached her hands to my pen*!s

and was holding it again. I was

enjoying her beautiful deodorant

filled melons a lot. She was

stroking my c0*ck and she slowly

raised her inner wear when I

was enjoying her melons and her

hand stroking my c0*ckk, she

slowly guided my cock towards

her pu**ssy.

I suck*3d her lips and was ki$$!ng

her all over the face and neck.

She guided my c0*ck which was

huge again into her pv*ssy. I felt

sudden surge of pain and

rushing heat up my pen*!s. Me

and her both shouted aloud and

was m0@ning ahhh but slowly it

subsided. She told me to choke

my pen!ss up and down and I did

as she ordered me to. I was

feeling altogether different it was

so sensational and I felt it till my


I was enjoying every stroke and I

increased the speed, and she

was shouting ahhhhh. All this

time she was teasing me with

her naughty questions you are

fu*ck!ngg your teacher, you like

that don’t you? I was mumbling

hmm hmm all along it took me

15 minutes of fv*ck!ng when I

reached my cl!max again. I

splashed my load into her and

rested on her. She was holding

me softly.

The feel of her br3*@sts against

my chest was so soft and I asked

her and if she likes it too. She

said she has to teach me a lot

and she is very happy for it when

we stayed there like that, her

mother came in. She had a spare

key and walked straight in. She

was shocked to see us and

caught us red handed. I was

covering myself with a bed cover

and she slapped Deepa mam, and

scolded her like hell.

I slowly moved after picking my

pants. I did not visit her for two

days. She called me on the third

day  let start studying again

and I went to tuition again. I

learnt a lot every evening. We

used to have regular fv*kc

sessions. I press her b00bs often

during tuitions and we used to

have fun.

She let me svkc on her br3@sts

every evening and give me a

hand job. I did my exams well

and scored a 100 in one paper.

My people stopped tuitions for

std 11. I started my tuitions for

12th std a year later. This is my

first story.

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