Marry Me, The Two Magical Words That Ruined My Life – 6

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Jane noticed that Veronica was gradually changing towards her.

She no longer cares or even helps her out when she is in need of something.
Jane was bothered about Veronica’s changed behavior but she tries to remain friends with her.

Veronica had gone shopping with Jane that weekend.
Is already a month that Pete was gone and is possible that he may be planning to come back home that Saturday.
She spoke to him yesterday morning and he said he will be home soon .

She haven’t been able to reach him ever since the last time they spoke and is very normal with Pete.

Whenever he is busy with work he hardly take calls but he will always call back during his free time.

As Veronica was driving, her phone rang and it was Pete.
She lifted one of her hand excitedly.

“Let me guess… Pete is calling right? I know that must be why you are suddenly over excited…” Jane said.

“You guessed right girlfriend…I have miss him and can’t wait to have him back. Let me park first so that I can take his call.

She parked and began speaking over the phone with Pete.

After the call ended she entered the road again and continue driving.

“He said that he will be coming back next week not this weekend. Atleast I have something to look forward to…”

She said while driving and all Jane could do was to smile.
Deep down within Jane she wish life was a bit fair for her just as it was for Veronica.
Jane was begining to see Veronica as the most favored.
having a rich absent husband is far better than having a poor available man.

She had already turned down two suitors that showed interest in her.
She told each of them that despite she already had a child she can’t possibly marry them because she had suffered enough and do not have time to suffer with a man.
She was looking out for already made man that got it all just like Pete.

Although she haven’t seen one yet but she kept hoping someday he will find her.

Jane hates to be at Veronica’s mercy everytime. She wants to be in an equal level with her not always the needy one.

Getting a well to do man like Pete, who will pamper her with loads of gifts is the goal for her.

Jane does not understand why God favored Veronica so much.
is not that she was the most perfect or smarter than her.

Jane sighed silently as she thought of Dan one of her serious men asking for her hand in marriage.
He is doing okay financially, also has a nice look and equally serious in faith.

Dan doesn’t seem to joke with the things of God. She could have consider him if he was rich not just doing okay financially.

She can’t end up with man that will be preaching to her day by day with nothin tangible as proof for his love.
She can’t be trekking or still managing with life after marriage.

Is better she remains alone than with a broke man.

God should try and favor her too like he did for Veronica after all God does not show favoritism.

Jane tries to think straight but the more she thinks of how life is treating her and how Veronica is flourishing and glowing in wealth, it makes her feel cheated on.

She was happy for Veronica but sometimes the human in her takes over and she can’t help but feel jealous of her friend.

Veronica who was oblivious of the thoughts in her friend’s heart was free spirited as she pointed out the good things that Pete had gotten her in his last travel.
Jane could only smile with a nod as Veronica talks excitedly and how much she loves Pete and how he loves her too.

Jane silently wish Pete was actually hers. She wish she was in Veronica’s shoes.

“Life is just unfair… so unfair”
She muttered silently.

Veronica was getting prepared for her second child’s birthday.
few days to the birthday party Pete retuned and Jane was around the day he came back.

She watched how happy Veronica was. She totally forgot about her presence and existence. she went laughing and talking with Pete as they both head upstairs to their room.
Jane hiss while pretending to be watching animation with the kids.

She wanted to leave right away but that may look suspicious.
She waited for another thirty minutes before deciding is time to go.
Just when she stood up to leave with her daughter, she heard Veronica coming with a mini box in hand.
Jane smiled, expressing her teeth as she thought probably is part of what Pete came back with and Veronica wants to give it to her

“Look at this Cristal diamond necklace with it’s ear ring…do you like it?

Jane looked at the expensive jewelries and exclaimed happily.

“Oh my goodness… this is so beautiful and must have costed a fortune. You’re asking for if I like it…I love it Vero…”

Jane was about thanking Veronica when she heard her say.

“I have stuffs like this already, instead of adding this to the collection. I may use it and gift the pastor’s daughter who will be doing her convocation ceremony and Thanksgiving next month. This will really look good on her… what do you think?

“Uhmm… I think this is a bit…too expensive for the pastor’s daughter that is just around twenty or twenty one. Maybe you should give it to…to someone more deserving of it… somebody that will really value it.” Jane said hoping she will be able to convince Veronica.

“No…I don’t think so. The pastor’s daughter deserves it more. Her father will continue praying for me and my family and I will always be on the their list of favorites. No one is more deserving of this… except the pastor’s daughter…”

Veronica covered the tiny box and walked back to the stairs while Jane watched her leave.
Jane was boiling angrily but couldn’t do anything.
She carried her daughter and left.

Veronica organized a big birthday party for her son who turned three.
She called Jane as usual to assist with some things.
Jane came just as expected and helped out in putting things in place.

During sharing of gifts, her daughter got only an ugly doll and few other intangible things while other rich kids that attended the party were given something far more significant in their gift packs.

After the party, two days later Pete travelled again.
Jane decided within her that she will reduce how she visits Veronica.

After sometime the way Pete usually drop money for Veronica reduced.

The big amount he usually transfer for upkeeps reduced.

Veronica complained and he told her that things aren’t as they used to be, she should try and readjust untill everything is normalize.

Veronica wasn’t happy but she had no choice than to try to reduce her spending and that was the exact period Jane came to her after keeping her distance for sometime.
She told Veronica that her daughter was not feeling too well and she needed money for hospital bills
But Veronica told her that she can’t help her this time due to Pete no longer drop or transfer enough money like before.

Jane left saddened by the disappointment but she didn’t show her displeasure.

Dan, one of Jane’s serious suitor was able to bail her out of her troubles but Jane still refused to consider him.
She had vowed to marry a very wealthy person so that Veronica will see that she is not the only favored one.

She will make sure of that and will never settle for less.
Her future husband will be far better and richer than Veronica’s Pete.
It’s a deal and she won’t let her guards down.

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