Marry Me, The Two Magical Words That Ruined My Life – 7

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Jane saw him standing outside her gate and her mood changed.

She was coming from work, tired and only wanted to go inside and rest not to stand and listen to a long chronicle of the heart.

“How was your day?

He greeted with a brightened face, pleased to see her.

“Fine. What is it you want Dan…I thought I have already made myself clear that I want to be left alone…

Jane cut in immediately.

“Yes Jane, I did left you alone for about a month plus now. I decided to check up today…as a friend but was told by the nanny that you’re not back from work yet. I saw Becca, you are really taking good care of her, she looks far bigger than three years. You’re a great mother Jane. I’m not asking for much, I only want to be a friend, I get the fact that you don’t want to be in any form of relationship with me…I get it Jane. I’m only asking to be a friend… that’s all.

“Well Dan, I don’t want your friendship… I’m done with friends and seriously want everyone to leave me alone. I’m not interested Dan and will never be. I know you rendered a great help when I needed it and I appreciate. But let’s not mix things up here… I’m not interested in you or your friendship. If you want me to pay you back for the help…I will, maybe you will finally leave me alone after that but you need to be patient and wait until I have the money. Let me be Dan… please. You’re not upto the standard I want in a man… that’s the truth. Period…”

Dan was speechless. He managed to tell her that he helped her financially without expecting anything in return and she does not need to pay back anything.

He was still standing there when Jane walked passed him.

“…Jane… please wait.

Dan called out to her as she was about to go in. She paused

“… please tell me what I will do to meet up with the standard. What exactly do you want in a man that I don’t have Jane…? I’m not forcing you to be mine but before I leave you alone atleast let me understand what you mean by I’m not upto standard and what I can do to meet up…?

Jane slowly took few feet closer to him and said.

“Can you buy me everything I desires right away? designer wears, beautifully furnished house, a dream car and many more. Can you? Well, obviously you can’t because your standard of living is not upto the level that I’m targeting. I have a friend, who’s husband is a real definition of every woman’s heart desires. Vero is always happy and lack nothing despite she’s not working. Her husband makes money rain down for her. Nothing bothers her, her life is absolutely perfect. That’s exactly what I want in a man. But, you are equally managing to meet up with life demands and I’m not ready to suffer with such a man. Dan, You’re nice, godly with few coins to your name but you’re not my type… because your niceness or even godliness can’t make my dream come true. I’m very unapologetic when I say that a wealthy, well to do man who can take care of my needs without stress is the standard i want to be in… Nothing less. Wanting a better life for me and my daughter is not a sin or is there anywhere in the Bible it says that one shouldn’t aim high…? I don’t think so”

She turned and didn’t look back as she walked away.

Dan also left sadly.


Veronica tapped more numbers into the calculator, she gasped out loudly seeing the figure that popped up.

She stared at it, confused at the big amount she had calculated so far and was not done yet.

She punched in more numbers in the calculator while silently praying it won’t be more than the money she had left.

Veronica sighed as she saw the total.

“This is ridiculous…is too much for Christ sake” she muttered to herself.

“…. when did we spend upto this amount? This is only one month and a week expenses on light bills, inverter services, air condition maintenance, cleaning of the pool, the cook and the cleaner’s salary, the mechanic too…no, this expenses is too much…”

She shakes her head sadly before standing to pick up her phone.

She called Pete, he didn’t answer at first but later did.

.”hey Vero, you know I’m supposed to be busy with workload by this time of the day…?

“Yes, but I have something I urgently want to talk to you about and it can’t wait. Is the bills Pete, they’re pilling up and you said at the end of last month you will transfer money to clear them. The little amount you sent two weeks ago went into feeding and the kids upkeeps. I calculated the pending expenses and is several thousands. Some of the people that we are owing are already calling me for their money and I kept telling them to hold on. The bills are giving me sleepless nights Pete….”

“Vero, I don’t understand what your problem is, I told you that things are not as they used to be and without being told you should have reduce the expenses to make it easy on me but here you are calling me because of bills again after I transferred money two weeks ago for you to clear some of them And you used all the money for feeding and the kids. Vero, things are tight and money isn’t forth coming like before, I have said it severally that you should cut down your spending and other unnecessary expenses. I don’t know how you want to do it but I need to get back to work. Tell them whatever you need to tell them until I return back then I will see what I can do. Don’t call me because of bills or unnecessary things again…”

Pete ended the call without Veronica knowing.

She continued talking

“Atleast tell me when you will be coming back home Pete, this bills have been rising on a daily basis for over a month now. Don’t make it sound like I’m enjoying what is presently happening with us. I’m trying to cut down cost and make the expenses lesser but there’s a limit I can do. I’m worried… very worried. When will you be coming home Pete…pee, hello…hel…pee…”

She removed the phone from her ear and checked it and that was when she realized that Pete had ended the call.

Her frustration was rising as she sat hard on a chair.

She will find means to pay off the cook, her services will no longer be needed. She will also reduce the use of all the big appliances that consumes alot of light and other maintainance that is on the high side.

The house cleaner will stay, is a big house and help is needed in keeping it clean.

She can’t believe this is happening, not having money and trying to let go of certain expenditure which she and the kids are already used to.

She felt sad not just with the way things are going but with the way Pete spoke to her.

Is been a while that Jane visited which is unlike her and they haven’t spoken for almost a month now.

She really needs somebody to talk to and there is no other than her long time bestie.

She called Jane and she picked after several rings

“Hey Jane… how are you and Becca? Is been a while you guys came around. Try and come over to the house tomorrow so that we can talk…I have alot on my mind I need to pour out…” Veronica said.

Jane at the other end rolled her eyes in disgust.

“Oh Vero, we’re doing great. tomorrow…I will be busy. I have a date with a very rich guy, far richer than most of the men I know, including Pete. So I can’t afford to miss it. I’m aiming to be wife of a wealthy man too just like you are. Maybe another time when I don’t have anything in my schedule I will come around. Can we talk later, my rich friend is calling, I can’t afford to miss his call. Byee…”

Jane ended the call and sighed annoyingly.

“Veronica thinks she is the only one that can get married to a wealthy guy, she should watch and see. I have been wishing for a man like Pete and is going to happen. Veronica will know that she is not the only favored one. She wants me to come over so that she will fill my ears with her wardrobe or jewelry latest additions. Nonsense and stingy friend…”

Veronica at the other end felt defeated. Her friends life is absolutely moving great. Jane had no worries, no accumulated bills, no blames from her husband. None whatsoever.

Jane was going on a date with rich guys and having lots of fun while her whole life suddenly sucks.

“,, That’s good for her. I wish Jane all the best. Let me face my troubled sad life. Is unfortunate that I don’t have anyone that I can relate my problems to…”
Veronica said sadly as she tossed her phone aside and picked up the calculator and began to think of more expenses to reduce.

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