Marry Me, The Two Magical Words That Ruined My Life – 9

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She called Jane and after several rings she picked up.

“…Jane what’s really going on with you… hope everything is fine?

“,Yes, everything is absolutely fine. I got your message…is very funny that you of all people asked me to loan you money. Were you trying to mock or prank me… that was too much for a joke Vero”

“,It wasn’t a joke Jane, I needed your help but You never answered my call or replied my messages and ever since a month or two you haven’t come around. I was begining to wonder if there was a problem or did I do something wrong…?

Veronica heard her sigh and that was quiet surprising.

“…uhmm, maybe I will come over to your place. We can talk about whatever it is that may seem to be the problem…?

“No…no. don’t bother coming over I will come around tomorrow. I have to go now…byee” Jane quickly interrupted her before Veronica could say any other thing, after which she ended the call.

Veronica tries to figure out what was wrong with Jane. She did not even wait for her to finish before ending the call and the way she asked her not to come over to her place was unexpected.
Yet, all she could do was to wait for tomorrow to come.

At this point in her life she was far more confused than she had ever been.

No matter how many things she sold out to clear the debt on her head more kept arising.
She can’t seem to have peace of mind.

Pete is still not reachable and he haven’t called.
Everyday comes with hope that he may call or come home but on each end of the day her hopes is trashed and that never stopped her from hoping again.

She have prayed, asking God’s mercy and Forgiveness. She wants her husband home and needed God to make all her worries disappear.
The clear evidence that God had refused to heed to her plea is the fact that her husband is not home and no news from him, her fear and worries increases every day leaving her broken.

Maybe talking to Jane will atleast help her forge ahead.
Either to notify the police or start a search hunt for her dear husband.

The following day, Jane surprisingly kept to her word and visited.

“It was quiet surprising the way you did not want me coming over to your place but I’m happy that you’re here now. I was beginning to think I did something wrong or you just chose to…

Jane waved her hand asking her to stop talking.
“Vero, before anything happens there must have been something or action that triggers it. Without apology I can say it to your face that you are not a good friend and I have had enough of your ill attitude towards me and decided to keep my distance…

Veronica blinked severally before replying
“How… what exactly do you mean Jane? Because as far as I can remember I have always assisted, I never said no when you need financial help and I have the means. I have been there for you and your daughter, opened my home to you and had your back always. I have done things for you Jane that I haven’t even done quota for my own blood. I’m shocked that you of all people will open your mouth to say I’m not a good friend. Even if I offended you unknowingly are you not supposed to talk to me about it and we will settle it amicably? You stayed away for months i didn’t even think about it because I had my own personal problem to sort out. Only for you to show up today and call me a bad friend. How exactly… maybe you tell me how bad I have been to you…”?

Jane laughed sarcastically before saying.
“Wow Vero you never stopped amazing me. You act so righteous when deep down you know you’re not close to that. Ever since I have come to know you Vero, I have been a great friend to you without expecting anything in return. I will run unnecessary errand, advice you to the best of my ability, checked up on you and stood head strong when you’re in a cross confused road. I know I have never had the money to throw around you or show off like you did but I have always been there. I practically made your family mine. I was there when Pete refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy or agree to marry you in your terms. He wanted abortion and I advised you not to comply. You were shaken by the whole thing even his “never presence”…I assured you then that all will be well. When you ended things with Martin I was there. I have always wanted you to be happy…I might have dropped few wrongs advice that I can’t even remember but Vero… I’m a true friend who had always shown appreciation for the big and little. But you on the other hand show off, belittled me and make me look like I worth nothing. Everytime you will be filling my ears with “my husband this, I bought that, Pete gift me the whole world…blablabla. it makes me wonder if you are the first lady married to a wealthy man. Well, that will soon change because I’m next in line for something big too. It will shock you when you realize that I…..

Veronica who had heard enough interrupted her.
“Enough… you said too much nonsense already. I can’t make out anything from all you were saying except that you are unappreciative, jealous and wicked friend. when I was giving to you and your daughter I wasn’t showing off right, you suddenly realized that I’m not a good friend? Well, I thought I could count on you, I desperately needed a friend, someone to trust with my problems…it took me years to find out that you have never been a true friend. It was all along to your benefits and when things aren’t in your favor you become hostile and start keeping distance. Jane, you only wanted to be a wife to a wealthy man just to spite me…you thought we’re in a competition or something? I don’t get it. I pray that your jealousy won’t lead you to the wrong part. Get out of my house this second and stay out…”

Jane threw back few words at her and told her to stop playing the victim and making her look like a bad person.
Jane said she was boastful, filled with pride and always take advantage of people because her husband had money.
Maybe because she was having some challenges and suddenly remembered she needed a true friend. After three months of not really checking up to know why she haven’t visited.

Veronica fired back at her, calling her a jealous friend that pretends to be good when the going is smooth. She said Jane was a friend with benefits and when she couldn’t benefit any more she began to show her true color.

Jane and Veronica threw harsh words back to back on each other.

After Jane left and Veronica was alone she fell to the chair heart broken.
She can’t believe that she no longer had anyone to run to with her problem.

Some of the things Jane said about her maybe true but not totally.
She allowed the wealth of her husband makes her a bully.
She became prideful and careless with others feeling.
She probably did some other things but she was oblivious to them.
She never did any of that intentionally. She had always be nice to Jane and helped when ever she was in need. It saddens her that Jane will write off every of her good deed towards her and her daughter and remember only the bad ones which happened unintentionally.

No news from her husband’s whereabout and she doesn’t know where to start searching for him
Pete’s parents are late, his only sister is in far way from her.
She ones requested for his sister’s number just to check up and also introduced herself but Pete felt is not necessary.
He wrote down the number after much pressure but she never gets to call her.
His sister never even called for ones.

Pete’s had few work documents packed up in a locked box which he puts in the store downstairs.
She will find means and open the box maybe that will give her an idea on how to start the search for Pete.
She will also look for means to get his only sister’s mobile number. She is the only relative he got.
She haven’t met her before or heard Pete spoke to her in her presence.

Since Jane decided to join the list of troubles in her life, she won’t let her or other of her problems weigh her down.
She have hope that Pete will return, otherwise she will have to find him by herself, alone without the help of some lousy old friend.

She will have to start the search right away to bring her husband home wherever he maybe and also get to speak to her only sister in-law for the first time.
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