Messed Up My Life After Falling In Love For The First Time In 24 Years -Pls Advice

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Ahmed told me he has a fiancée but since he met me, he thinks he will be making a mistake to go ahead and marry his Fiancée cos he is so in love with me. I believed him ma. He started talking about marriage plans. How he cannot wait to see my parents and all that.

All his sweet talk made me fall for him, I gave him my V and I got pregnant. I was so surprised cos he is my first and the only time we did not use condom was the first time. After the first time, he used condom but I still got pregnant. I was so scared when I found out and I ran to tell Ahmed.

Ahmed was shocked and he was like, what do we do? I was like, what kind of question is that? Now is the opportunity to marry me cos he has been saying he cannot wait to marry me. Only for Ahmed to tell me that its not that simple. That his fiancee that he wanted to break up with is pregnant and she is 8 months pregnant, so they quickly did their traditional wedding last month (while he was still with me).

That the fiancée’s parents are influential people and they will not accept if Ahmed tried to dump their daughter. Ahmed was talking rubbish. I did not understand what he was saying cos I started crying and was thinking of my life. What do I say to my parents or my God…after 23 years of virginity…I now got pregnant to someone already married?

Ahmed then said he is happy to marry me if I agree to be his second wife. I was like, that is not the plan. I am a Christian and polygamy is not our practice and so I told him I will think about it.

I had no choice but to break the disappointing news to my mother, she cried for days before telling my father. My baba was so angry that he told me to go and get an abortion as no daughter of his will be a second wife or a baby mama. My mother is against abortion. She wants me to have the baby cos she says all children are from God but she is against marriage to Ahmed as second wife.

I have been very depressed since. Ahmed deceived me. I found out the fiancée is actually a corper too that came to serve at the ministry last batch. Its like he deceives corpers and sleeps with them. Even though he is very caring but he deceived me.

My baba has said if I do not remove the pregnancy, that I seize to be his daughter. I have never seen my father so angry. Its like he hates me now. My mama is sad and both of them are now in disagreement because of me. I have disappointed my parents. How do I change this situation.

What should I do…marry Ahmed and have the baby? That means…my family will never forgive me…have the baby without marriage? My baba will disown me…abort the baby? What will God think of me? I am so depressed….sometimes I feel like ending it all by taking my life.

See how I messed up my life at 24…I do not know what to do…please advice me.

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