My Boss Never Noticed My Body Till I Put On A show for him..oh what a beautiful ending – II

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Getting bolder by what I saw, I  became more daring and walked over to where he was while he watched me as if transfixed. I dropped the collected the files on the table and the next thing was the onslaught of his mouth. He k!$sed me with so much fervor, all I could do was hang on to him. I felt like I was turning to pudding. He carried me up and with a single swipe of his hand, he cleared the table. The files went crashing to the floor and before I could even complain, his hands were on my b00*obs. Kneading and fondling. A very throaty m0*an was my reply. I removed his jacket, shirt and belt subconsciously and pulled him by his tie to my mouth. He ceremoniously removed my jacket and gown and I was in my lace panties only. I felt shy all of a sudden and attempted to cover myself with my hands but he would not have any of that. He removed his tie and used it to bind my hands. My s3*xual pleasure was heightened and he took another tie from his cabinet and covered my eyes. I couldn’t see or touch him and this turned my pv*ssy into a leaking faucet.

For a while he did nothing but stare at me and I could feel his eyes bore into my soul. I just sat on his table squirming under the scrutiny while feeling very self conscious. All of a sudden, I felt his hand pushing my thighs open and his hot mouth was on me. I screamed in pleasure and his hands found my n!*pples. I wanted more. I was so close to cl!m@xing but I didn’t want to come without him inside me.

“Please,” I m0*aned softly.

“What exactly do you want?” He asked in a husky voice. I swallowed before replying, “I want your big d!*ck slamming into me so fast and hard that I won’t be able to close my legs for days. I want you fvkc!ng me to oblivion. I want you”. I felt him take his c0kc and tease my entrance. I wiggled hungrily, trying to get him inside me but he held me firmly in place then all of a sudden, he slammed into me so hard I was sure the table was going to break. He held my a$$ as he thrust into me. Thrust after thrust, he brought me closer to the edge and as I pushed my a$$s out, I heard him m0*an with the next thrust. Since he seemed to like this, I began to rise with every slam of his d!*ck until I was finally pushed over the edge and he joined me with a loud grunt like sound. He untied me and I stared appreciatively at his sweat drenched body.

“Pick the files and arrange them on my table and don’t get dressed,” he said.

“Yes boss,” I replied with a smirk on my face.

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