My Wife Caught Me Staring At Our Naked Neighbour, I’m Finished

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While they were out the next day I made a nice peep hole in Katy s room wall and the parents too. We had two full baths, so I listened for Katy to get up and go shower. Two days later I got my chance and there she was under the shower so all I had to do was wait for her to come back into her room.

My wife was with me kneeling in our closet and then she just appeared with a towel wrapped around her! My wife and I were naked and my c0*ck was standing straight up. As we were watching Katy she dropped the towel and stood in front of her dresser mirror.

She had the nicest tight little a$$ with some blonde pubic hair between her legs and small but firm t!ts with nice pink n!*pples. She sat on the edge of her bed and rubbed cream all over her body.

My c0*ck was ready to shoot like a volcano and I told my wife do not touch my c0*ck cause I will cvm very quick. She grabbed my hand and put it between her legs and I could feel how really wet she was and she wanted to fv*kc real bad, but I said lets enjoy this for as long as we can and then we will fvkc?

We watched Katy that day for a good hour but my wife and I knew this would not be enough just watching her, we both wanted to touch her and fvkc her, but how? A few days later her parents and brother went to visit the grandparents and would be gone for a few days but Katy stayed home cause of a sports meeting at school.

I said to my wife, this is our chance honey and here’s how we’re going to do it. When it was lunch time, we would spike her soft drink and put her to sleep, my wife agreed. That day at lunch I made sure to put a sleeping pill into Katy s drink.

We all sat down and were eating lunch and she was drinking her drink very fast. About 15 minutes later we could see her getting drowsy and then she said I believe I will go and lay down for a bit, I m feeling tired. So we said, go right ahead.

We waited for half an hour and then went to her room. There she layed on her bed with a tank top and shorts on. My c0kc was already hard and I said to my wife, well it s now or never? So we both stripped nak3*d and walked over to her. Her legs were so smooth and long and she had a s*xyy smell to her too.

I pulled up her top to expose her t!*ts and then touched them. My wife did the same. My wife s n!*pples were so hard just pulsating and hard. I unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off along with her black panties. I took my finger and rubbed it along her crack and gently spread her cvnt lips a part.

She was all pink and we could now see inside her cvnt. I put my face between her legs and licked her cvnt. My wife kissed me afterwards and then she licked her cvnt too. I said if I slide my c0*ck inside her I will cvm quick, so I put a condom on and then just got on top of her and in it went and two strokes later the condom was full. I turned her over and licked her a$$hole.

We then took pictures of her and every part of her body. We dressed her and then left her alone. My wife and I had a great s3*x life after all this and only hoped we could do it again sooner than later.

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