What Started As Play Between My Wife’s Sister And I Led To Intimacy – II

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Throughout the struggle, she

would discreetly slide her

pv*ssy up and down the length

of my d!*ckk. I could feel her

wetness growing and building

on me. She continued to laugh

and give the impression

nothing was happening all the

while wetly grinding against

my exposed d!*ck.

My wife glanced over a few

times, added to the fire with a

few comments before looking

back at the TV. From her angle

and blocked by the stack of

unfolded clothes, she was

unable to see what was


Liz leaned over while still

holding my wrists and pressed

her face into my neck. She

trailed her p*vssy down the

length of my d!*ck before

sliding back up. She lifted up

slightly positioning the head of

my d!*ck against the opening of

her wet pv*ssy and just left it

there slowly moving in circles.

I tried to get her to release my

wrists, but her grip held tight. I

pressed my arms up against

her to push her off, but the

more I pushed, the more she

pressed her pv*ssy against the

head of my d!*ck. It was as if

she wanted me to push into

her first. I did my best to avoid

that, but there is only so much

I could take.

The head of my d!*ck was just

between her wet lips and she

teased it with tiny movements.

For a girl her age, she

demonstrated incredible p*vssy

control as she gently squeezed

the tip of my c0*ck with her

pv*ssy lips.

I couldn’t stand it anymore

and pressed my d!*ck against

her giving her just an inch. She

bit into my neck as I felt her

pv*ssy pulsing and gripping me


She moved her face in front of

mine and again we just stared.

Without saying a word, we

agreed that we weren’t

stopping. Her eyes remained

locked to mine as I pushed up

against her hands. As I pushed

her sitting up, her eyebrows

went up and her mouth

slacked open as my entire

length was pressed into her.

Neither one of us moved, but

my d!*ck twitched inside her

and I could still feel her pv*ssy

squeezing in pulses. She was

the first to break the silence by

laughing out loud. I think it

was nervous laughter, but I

laughed with her.

Neither one of us thought this

situation through and we

were both too scared to move

since my wife was there next

to us. Neither of us wanted to

stop, but neither of us knew

what to do next. My wife

unintentionally did us a favor

by telling us she needed to go

downstairs to get another load

of laundry started and move

clothes to the dryer. Telling us

not to hurt each other as she


As soon as we heard her on

the stairs, Liz began to fv*ck me

with a passion and intensity I

haven’t felt since a teenager.

We were both breathing so

heavy, but trying to be so quiet

so we can hear my wife

coming up the stairs. My hips

were slapping her a$$ with

each upward thrust. We knew

we didn’t have much time as

we both tried to rush our


Liz began to shake, then her

body stiffened as I felt her

pv*ssy began to tighten. Her

breathing was forceful and

she almost looked pained.

After I was sure she finished, I

began to take hard full strokes,

pulling out just to the tip

before thrusting deep into her.

I was telling myself that my

wife would be back any

second and I slowed my

thrusting. When I heard her

still downstairs in the laundry

room, I resumed my deep

stroking until I could feel my

0rg*asm building. Again not

thinking this through, I didn’t

know what to do with it. Liz

sensing I was close made that

decision for me and pressed all

of her weight onto my d!*ck as

I erupted deep inside her.

Moments later, we heard the

lid to the washing machine

close. Liz threw her leg over

me and I got my first look at

her pv*ssy. My d!*ck was still

buried in her and her lips were

so pink and swollen.

My wife came in the bedroom

just as I was coming out from

the bathroom after cleaning


That was a few weeks ago. We

haven’t done anything since

and we never talked about it.

The closest we’ve come to

even acknowledging it was me

asking her if I needed to

apologize and her saying you

only need to apologize for

things you’re sorry for.

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