Big Watermelons And Tasty Pineapple: My Adventure With A Married Woman – 3

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as i was going to lesson i saw my manest man{tiger} coming to check on me but I was already on my way and we greeted. what i like most about this my guy is that he has no fear and he like woman and he is a rugged man* we walked down to the bus stop,with the conversation at hand about sunday’s hang out, we waited for bus but to our greatest suprise no bus to be found, and we manage to enter bike. As we stoped at the school gate and entered inside we saw babe’s lined up as if that they are been sold like tomatoes at ogboye market. I looked at tiger and he looked at me and called my worst name, then we started fighting down to the lesson block,we greeted all the lined up tomatoes, and tiger picked up his gal and went inside the lesson class, me i have no girlfriend so i love looking at those who have especially when they make love,i was looking at tiger when he was k!ss!ng his girl and tiger slapped me so i should keep of my eyes from them…. If wishes come true easily, i mean at that moment, i would have kill tiger at that moment and have.. We entered into the classroom,as usual you know as im dey be,all men with his damsel, but there is this guy, by name BIG CASSAVA, he was k!ssing and grabbing his babe like say he was eating akara and bread… We sat down and we started discussing and a munite later all the girls went outside like say person ring bell for them to come out… All men gather and here comes different gists and lies with insults….some minutes later our teacher stoped into the class and all ladies and men that were outside dashed into the hall for the lecture… as the teacher stoped in with my eyes on her i guess she is new into this miracle center,i said to myself….she wrote on the board **government*** some of the student left the clas, i mean science students… The teacher understand what happens and kept quite for them to leave. Now she started her introduction and ended it with a writhing on the board *naturalism* she was explaining and giving lectures about the topic and am busy looking at her and OMG miss chioma is very beautiful, s3-xy and with a s3-xy voice that melts my heart and am sure she is not putting on pant, as i was busy thinking of this silly thing a girl beside me mistakenly touch me and i have myself back, immediately the teacher asked me a question, *whats your name handsome? I was shocked, this teacher called me handsome, Nawa ooo you don cause wahala by calling me such thing, what nobody have called me before trust me instead of telling her my real name i told her my pet name which my mum do call me. *my name is dum dum As a senior class they all compot themselves and added a little sugar in it. Wow dum dum what have you been thinking all this while? Me!! Thinking kwa, am not thinking ***well what is naturalism as the guy man i be, i saw it in my neighbour’s book(remember am standing) and i answered it and i sat down. She thought for 40mins and left the class with my eyes on her.

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