Big Watermelons And Tasty Pineapple: My Adventure With A Married Woman – 4

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I tried my best and I successfully meet the teacher and I had conversation with her but what’s confusing me is that she kept on calling me handsome….. We discussed for some minutes and as i dropped a dirty conversation to keep my bike riding, unfortunately call came into her phone…… Hello sweetheart, how you doing? Mtchewwwww* I left…… Nobody need to tell me that I should leave….. That was her boo, so my plans have failed, I have to be quite but she still calls into my mind sometime…… It was 2.. O’clock pm The lesson is now over, we all were on our way home, as we are trekking, we are about five boys, when I say boys I mean heavy ones like emergencia, while going a girl called me and I turned back to know who called me, it was the girl that sat next beside me at the lesson hall and I stopped to know why she distracted me from the lies am hearing from my friends……. meHi Kossihi, how you doing dum dum Meam fine(smile) kossy why are you smiling Me what did you call me? Kossidum dum Methat’s my pet name Kossiwow nice name Methanks, so why are you calling me? Kossihmmmmm, what were you thinking? Menever mind and is that you are calling me? Kossino Methen what Kossiguy take am easy nah, are we quarreling? Meis just that I need to meet my friends Kossiokay,,, emmmm chinedum, there is this thing disturbing me and I can’t keep it to myself anymore….. Meam sorry, what’s that Kossichinedum, I I I I I don’t know what will be your actions if I tell you, maybe you will be mad at me. Mecome on, tell me, I won’t do such okay Kossiokay, can you help me with the assignment? Mehow much will you pay me? KossiI don’t have money Methen forget about it I walked fast and she ran after me Kossiokay, I will give you #1000 Meam I a begger, #1000 for what, to polish my shoe or to barb my hair? Kossibut that’s what am with she now looks like someone who is dying of pains….. Meokay can I have it She gave me the money and her assignment book and left. But before i could catch up with my friends, two have left and one about to leave.. Triger and ebuka was the people I scroll down a little bit before I reached my house.. They asked me what happened and I narrated all to them and they say make we share the money, I laughed and laughed, as a guy man I closed the topic with that laugh immediately…….. I reached home around 3.30 pm No one could be found, no light, you know Nepa people too they f–k up…. I went straight to the kitchen and what I found their was an empty pot with indomine inside it and I also have to the cooking myself……. I ate the food and went out to catch up with my friends at the next street, as i was going, I saw some men, about 3 of them smoking and drinking, I tried to act codedly and escape them but they are all my friends then I decided to greet them…. I reached there and greeted them immediately…… Weed manabobby how far? Methings bam wella and you? Weed manas you can see, I’m be like you own Meabiiiii…… You just dey put yourself in order Wedmanna so nah, but my guy I dey hungry, you know say if I finish this weed I no get anything to smag, abeg find me some rubbers make I use smag after this assignment we I dey do, abeg no how no how…. Me***abiiiii, I put my hand inside my pocket and brought out #200 and #500 and I gave him #200 and greeted him and left……. You know say if you no give him or you f–k up by not coding yourself, you self go loose everything way carry they Walker that moment, so you have to respect yourself wella and give him the rubbers…

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