Big Watermelons And Tasty Pineapple: My Adventure With A Married Woman – 5

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The next day, I wake up very early in the morning and I did my morning duties and eat my breakfast with my sister and she gist me about school and her boyfriend with others…. After the breakfast, I went upstairs, Take my bath and dress up for the lesson….. While am stepping downstairs she sight me form the sitting room and said smart bro with swag bag…… I looked at myself and Said with this rags am putting on…… I was wearing white sweater, blue short, black socks, black shoe, blue and black cap and with my school bag at my back She laughs and give me a good-bye k!sss……. I left the house that day, with no problem or quarreling with anyone until I reached my lesson center. I met kossi, she was the first to welcome me and she asked for her assignment and I let her have it with her #1000 and I informed her that I won’t write her assignment for her again and she left with her face full of joy……. I wonder why she is not crying this time…… I went straight to my guys at our usual spot. Mebig boys, how far nah Some of them responded to my greeting while some kept quite….. Mehow im they be nah, this one una dey lonely e b like say una girl never come.? Yet no respond……… I kept quite and make myself comfortable with my phone…… Some minutes later I called trigger……. Meguy how far, wia u dey Triggerat Nkpor junction Mehow come TriggerI went to your house and they say u don comot Meokay nah I dey wait Triggerbut guy wait nah so u dey do? Menah wetin happen Triggerso my angel come back you no tell me mmmm? Mewho be your angel? Triggeryour sister nah Memake thunder way no get mama and papa strike you Dia, idiot Trigger (laughs) how my babe she don come? Me*** ur mama, nah me be her ex court, wait ooh, which time did Dat one start, shaii I don suffer*hang up*

Five minutes later Triggermake way make way make way(shouting it continuously) Everyone begin they laugh Meuna Don see where buhari they walk im go dey shout make way for im self(laugh) Triggerno mind am na jealousy way they worry am Mewait ooooooooo, trigger do you know say if you and danger enter for for room and una they there for comfarm 3 days, I swear una go turn to Oracle…. Triggeridiot, you Sabi anything, Meoo make im be, na your Mata, no, you beta go for that corner you go see Isabella, go there and meet her, I’m don taay we she dey wait for you, so use that opportunity and tear her pant as you take that do… (all laughs) surprisingly a heavy slap land for my face(gbowaiiii) I turned to see who it was………

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