Big Watermelons And Tasty Pineapple: My Adventure With A Married Woman – 6

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Unfortunately, they were two standing before me and I can’t tell who slapped me but looking at adaeze(Isabella’s good friend) and Isabella were looking at me without laughing and their face full of anger…… I was confused and I don’t know what to do, whether to slap back or leave them but I tried to react but where will you start, who will you slap or shout at…… This was the question running through my head before ebuka started shouting at adaeze….. Adaeze was guilty of slapping me and I can’t believe that she could do such thing but she have showed me that she can……. After some minutes of silent and shouting at adaeze and Isabella, we started asking her why she did that and she started her confession, she said that why will I put her girlfriend’s name in our discussion and why will I insult her girlfriend boo…. Mewhaaaaat** as she was saying that I felt annoyed and I was ashamed of myself….. Mesee trigger you are the course of all this and nobody should stop me from acting and showing this girls my colour….. I rushed them with all the anger in me to crush them but still on still they disobey my command….. Trigger got annoyed and started shouting at adaeze and Isabella his babe before they left my presence……. Ebuka guy nawa ooo, so if them leave you you got go slap or touch those girls? Meno tell me that kind thing, if nah you nko? Ebuka I go fashy them Mena you no be me…. Me and you no dey do de same thing…. Dangerguy so adaeze slap you you come here come dey pasmaga abii? Methunder fire you dia Dangerno insult me ooo Meyour mama Dangere don do…. Over, girl slap you you no talk, you come they ginger me over ooooooooo…. Meshey you talk say e don do, why you still come dey echo that Mata again? Austin Emm chinedum abiiiii nah dum dum, guy see make I tell you, leave danger you know say nah bad guy im be and im they like fight but im no go fight…. Franknah true danger dey talk, I support am Ebukabia see if una no stop dis nonsense mua personally go scatter una Nana…. Everywhere was silent after ebuka’s last statement…….. Not less than 10mins later, Trigger later came in to where we are and he called me by the conner and pleaded on behalf of his babe and adaeze…. He talked to me as a man and as my manest man I accepted the apology and we all were now together, cracking jokes and confessing our sins with insults….

10 minutes later, adaeze came to where we are and kneeled down in front of me and pleaded for what she have done, I made her to disobey the law of gravity and then let her know that I have forgiven her….. My secondary school days were unforgettable and was sweet, lovely, and funny…… I love school more than any other thing but I can’t go back to secondary school again, I missed my friends both the female and the male ones immediately after the graduation ceremony and I love being with my friends especially the bad ones, I had no girlfriend during my school period but I tried one when I was in ss3……it was wonderful, sharing,caring, sweet and others….. Then I later moved on with the life…

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