Dem Meet By Accident Before Love Enter, The Sexual Tori Of Ekene & Judith – II

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Dem sv-ckk each other till when Ekene almost cvm nai e turn. As e wan slot am in, nai Judith stop am, push Ekene for bed, sidon on top am nai she begin roll her waist. Ekene almost cvm dey shout but she use hand cover e mouth as all the veins wey dey him hard drive strong. Ekene start to m0-@n and gr0-@n from S3-xual ecstacy. After Judith don work Ekene reach where she for cvmm, Ekene com turn Judith nai e enter her from back. As e dey drive in, he begin use e one finger take dey rub Judith c|!it. Gradually Ekene com pour. The two of dem sleep helplessly for each other body. Na so dem use sleep almost about 2 hours before person knock the entrance door. Weeks later deir love com dey deep for each other. Judith dey control herself and Ekene nor dey play with her needs. Na so e love her die. This Friday wen pass so nai Judith invite Ekene to meet her for Memories Plaza. Ekene dey plan to buy ring to engage her when Judith tell Ekene say her boyfriend wey be Ghana Burger go soon come back to Sapele and she nor want make dem two dey see again as long as the guy dey around. Ekene initially know say she get distant relationship wey she dey keep. Ekene don love dis babe and of late e business com dey boom. Now Ekene nor know weda the guy dey come marry Judith or not but e nor fit bear this painful love. This nai make Ekene run come meet me say make i advise am. Ekene na just 31years and for e mind, e ready to marry Judith. Wetin be your advise to Ekene for dis matter?

He say Judith dey give am luck. He love her. And e wan marry her.

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