His Lip On My Melons,The Wonders Of His Hand: My Memorable First Time II

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Her body was buzzing with excitement. She felt wanted and desired. She had never felt this way before and she could not believe this man wanted her. His hand returned to her thigh and he slid it under her grey pleated dress. His palm was cool on her skin and she m0-@ned.

He pulled away from her, watching her intensely as his hand went deeper and deeper until it reached her panties. He began to breath in short gasp as if his closeness to her centre was pushing him over the edge. Suddenly he stood up and faced her. He held her hands and pulled her upwards so they were standing facing each other. Then slowly, both hands went underneath her dress, found the waistband of her panties and began to pull down gently.

One by one, she lifted her legs so he could remove her panties. She was throbbing with desire but she felt he needed to know something.

“Victor..” she said, panting heavily. “Victor, I’ve never…”

But he interrupted her. “Shhh… I will take care of you.”

He lifted her up gently and set her down on the bed. He removed her shoes and slowly began pulling her dress over her head. Before long, she was laying there in just her lacy, white bra. Victor gr0@-ned slightly as he dipped his head and grazed her bra with his tongue. He made contact with her n!-pples and Ronke m0@-ned. It was like electricity surging through her. He did it again and again and Ronke began to squirm hungrily underneath him.

“Slow down baby, slow down,” he whispered as he returned to k!-ss!ng her. She wrapped her hands around him and at that moment, she wished he was n@-ked too.

His mouth left hers then he reached for her bra clasp and undid them. He leant down and took one of her br3-@st in his mouth. Ronke nearly screamed out loud as he began gently nibbling and sv-ck!ng on her n!-pp|e. Then he moved to the next one and she could not explain the feeling that overtook her. When his hand made its way down and one finger slid inside her, she actually screamed. It was pleasure like she had never experienced. She pushed her hips upwards but Victor stopped her saying, “I am not going to open you up with my hand. I have something better.”

Ronke did not know or care what he was talking about. She just needed for him to continue. And he did, sv-ck!ing and playing with her down there until her legs were shaking. Then all of a sudden, he got off her. She watched him undress, not sure what to do. When he pulled down his trousers, she actually gasped. She had never seen one so big. In fact, she had never seen one erect in her life. He returned to her, hard and ready. He parted her legs and settled in. He knelt between her parted legs and gently pushed his tip into her ready warmth. For minutes, he slid the tip around her entrance, not rushing her. Then finally, his tip broke her entrance. She clenched immediately…

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