His Lip On My Melons,The Wonders Of His Hand: My Memorable First Time III

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“Relax baby, it is better if you relax,” he said to her as he pushed in another inch. Ronke grabbed the sheets and bit her bottom lip as pain enveloped her. “I said relax,” Victor said, a little forcefully this time.

“I’m trying. Lord, please stop,” she m0-@ned in response but he did not stop. He pushed another inch in and she thought she would split open from the pain. Then in one move, he buried himself completely inside her and stilled. Ronke let out a screech of pain that soon subsided. He began to move, in and out, in and out. The pain was still there but there was a hint of something else, something she could not quite reach, something that enticed and called out to her.

She wrapped her legs around him as he continued to rock her until the pain subsided. Then he leaned down and took one n!-pple in his mouth again. This time, that enticing thing was closer and she m0-@ned in pleasure. He pulled almost all the way out and slid back in. Ronke bucked underneath him and when he began to grind gently against her she felt herself floating. He alternated between kissing her and teasing her n!-pple$ and before long, she was gr0-@ning and m0-@ning as pleasure overtook her.

Then she felt it, something building deep in her belly. Her first instinct was to push him off as she did not understand what was happening but Victor knew. He stayed right where he was, doing exactly what he was doing, over and over until Ronke exploded. Her noise was primal, animalistic and she almost did not believe she made that sound as something escaped from her and warm liquid soaked them both.

Victor began to pump her harder and faster and she felt herself building again. This time around, she did not fight it so when he let out a grunt and collapsed on top of her, she let go too, both reaching the peak simultaneously.

They made love three more times that afternoon before she had to leave. And by the time he was driving her home, she knew she absolutely had to see him again. She had tasted something that she was not about to give up anytime soon.

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