How I Fv-cked My English Teacher After Fantasizing For A Long Time – II

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My d!-ckk was becoming rock hard. I tried to cover it with the book. She then gave me a smile. I thought she saw my d!-ckk grow hard. I was nervous. Now I started asking more doubts to divert her attention.

Many Mondays went by. I got to know more of her. She had a son 9 years old and her husband was working in a firm. He used to go out at 10 am and come home by 8 pm. We didn’t talk about s3-x. I could not gather the courage to tell her that I love her.

Now it was the fun fair in our school. There were many stalls put up in our school ground. I was dying to see Mabel mam. Finally, I saw her. She was wearing a black sleeveless top. From far she was not looking that hot. She used to look hotter in dress exposing her navel. But when I went closer, she looked very s3-xy! Her top was backless. As my height is more than hers, I could see her cl3-@vage. Her huge cl3@-vage gave me instant hard on. I came closer and greeted her. She also had put on great makeup and lipstick. She was looking like a princess. I started talking with her about the fun fair. Then she lifted her hand and adjusted her hair. Wow! I saw her bare armpits. It was shaved. I haven’t seen so s3-xy armpit in my life. I also got a smell of her perfume mixed with her sweat. It was so slutty smell. I wished I could lick her armpit then and there. After some talk with her, I got to know that she had also put on a stall in the fun fair. Then she forced me to buy something from her stall. But I hesitated. So she caught my hands and took me to her stall. Great! I was so close to her body. I could smell her armpits. I tried to stuff my nose inside her underarms. I wanted to lick all her sweat. We got to her stall and I bought a drink. She was very happy.

After the fun fair was over, I went to her stall and asked her if I could help her in cleaning. She said No but I forced her to say Yes.

After cleaning up and tidying the stall, it was time to get back home. We went back to school on a two wheeler. She started looking for the keys to her vehicle. She couldn’t find them. I helped her in tracing the keys. We checked the whole ground but couldn’t find the keys. She had lost her keys.

Then I insisted her that I would drop her home. She hesitated but then accepted my proposal. I was ar0-used. Getting my s3-xy teacher to sit on the back seat was like a dream come true. As soon as she sat on the back seat, I started my vehicle. Yes! I was ar0-used by her s|utty smell while on the vehicle. There were many potholes in the roads so I insisted her to grab the back handle of the vehicle. But surprisingly she held my shoulders. That gave a chill to my spine. I was ar0-used. We reached her home in 10 minutes.

She urged me to come to her home but I was in a hurry. Then she told me that no one was at home (her husband was doing overtime and her son went to uncles’ place) and she would feel lonely. I was surprised by her words. This was my only chance. So I accompanied her to her house.

She made me sit in the drawing room and went inside for changing. She came out, wearing a really s3-xy sleeveless nighty. I gave a smile. She smiled back too. I couldn’t resist. Then she went to the kitchen to bring me water. I couldn’t hold it anymore. So I followed her to the kitchen. As she was filling water, I grabbed her waist. She didn’t resist at all. She was really a s|ut. I told her that I loved her from day 1. She looks amazing in short dress and her navel was very beautiful. She replied back saying she was also waiting for this day to come. I was super excited hearing this.

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