How I Fv-ckked My English Teacher After Fantasizing For A Long Time – III

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I turned her and lifted her hands. Yes Armpits were the first to attack. I started l!ckking her armpits. It was so yummy. I l!ckked both the armpits for around 15 minutes. I then removed her nighty. Now she was only in bra and panty. Next was the navel. The s|utty smell of her navel was awesome. I licked it very hard. I also inserted my finger into her navel. It was very deep.

Then we both went to the bedroom. Next was the b0-0bs. I removed her bra. She had very huge dark n!-pples. She had very big b0-0bs. I started sv-ck!ng them. I also cupped them hard. After that, she became very hot. She took hold of my rod. I felt very hot. Then she removed my pants and underwear.

She was shocked to see my 8-inch thick c0cck. She started teasing my c0cck. Licked it really hard. Then she took my c0ckk in her mouth. As she was sv-ck!ng it, she was rubbing my ba||s with her hands. She was a blowj0b queen. She deep throated my 8-inch c0cck, took the whole c0ckk in her mouth. She stopped sv-ckk!ng before cumming. Then she took out a condom. I was shocked to see that she had 15-20 condoms in stock. She wrapped my d!-ckk with that. Finally, I removed her panty. Pink dripping pv-ssy she had. Very hot. I started licking her pv-ssy. She was m0-@n!ng. I drank all her juices. Then I inserted my d!-ckk into her pv-ssy. I pushed my whole c0-ckk inside her. I was shocked to find that she doesn’t feel the pain. So I pumped in and out very hard. I grabbed her b0-0bs in this process.

We had a really great org-asm. After some time I a$$ fv-ckked her without using a condom. Great a$s she had. I released my cvmm inside her a$$.

It was such a great day I had. Then I left. Now she used to give me a blow-j0b every Mondays in the staff room itself. Sometimes we used to have s3-x in the staff room. She was a great s3-x partner. She even licked my a$$ sometimes.

I never met since I graduated. My family moved to some other city but I really wished to have her once again in my life…

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