How I Fv-ked My Physics Teacher Everyday II

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But she wasn’t going listen to me. “I am sorry but such behavior would not be permitted in the school. I am going to tell the principal”, she said. She was turning to go but I held her hand. Then, she told me to leave it but I didn’t. She was about to shook her hand at me but before that, I did the unexpected.

I pulled her towards me and held her near me. So near that we did not have enough space between us. I first held her near me for a few seconds to see if she was angry by the move. But she was not. This is how shit started. Our eyes met. She bit her lip purposefully to give me a positive sign.

I pushed her towards the wall gently near to her and grabbed her a$$ and pulled her so close to me that there was literally no space left. Her b00-bs pressed towards my body and I french k!-$$ed her strawberry l!ps. We k!-$$ed for a while. And then I started k!-$$ing and slowly biting her neck and earlobe. She was m0-@ning slightly. Now I felt tired of doing slow.

She wasn’t enjoying much either and she wanted me to be rough and wanted me to fv-ck her badly. I felt turned on I grabbed one of her b0-0bs and started k!-ss!ng her more intensely. She loved it. If you ever come with such incident it is important to know if your partner likes it rough or not. Now I held her from behind and grabbed both of her b0-0bs and pressed them with my hands. She started m0-@ning loudly. I was pressing my d!-ck into her and was k!-ssing her neck and backside.

This had happened after the school and we were alone at corridor. The lab was in a corner and only the chemistry teacher was allowed to get in. But we had only one chemistry teacher (whom I was fv-cking) as there were not many students. So the chances of someone catching us were pretty slim.

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