I Got Married To Escape So Much Suffering But Is This Loneliness Worth It? – Pls Advice II

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I started to use vibrators but its not the same. I spent money on kayanmata which made me more horny and made matters worse cos the only time I was able to manage to drag chief to come sleep with me, chief would barely last 3 mins in bed. I tried to focus on other things like completing my studies but I still get really lonely at night.

Chief told me not to work after  graduated. I am now a stay at home mother, with no one to comfort me. The idea of having a f*ck buddy started driving me crazy. I was afraid though cos chief might find out and kick me out and take everything he gave me. But the feeling was getting too strong to control.

I located a gym and started attending the gym just to find someone who was interested to just catch fun. It didnt take too long, I met someone …we started meeting up in his place and my God, this man knows how to f*ck the brains out of me. I told him, we just having fun…I paid him money for that but he refused to collect it.

Its been almost 5 months that I have been seeing this guy and last week, I met a lady in his place. I was filled with rage and jealousy. The guy was surprised at my reaction cos its no strings attached right?. Even me, I surprised myself. Then I realized that I may be catching feelings for him.

So I would not embarrass myself, I ended the relationship. But this guy knew the hold he had on me, all he did was send me nudes, saying some things that he wants to do to me…things my husband has never said to me….next thing, I was knocking on his door the next day. I am loosing my mind. I am in love with my lover. He told me he loves me too and willing to be with me and my son if I leave chief.

The only question is: am I willing to give up all the luxuries that I currently have to be with someone I love? I remember how much I suffered in lived in poverty for years and I am scared …but scared so much that I may end up living a rich but lonely life.

I see many couple happy even though not rich so can I be the same with my guy if I quit with chief? My worry is just the fear of being poor again especially since I am the one even helping my parents. Please advise me…if you were in my shoes,what would you do?

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