Marry Me, The Two Magical Words That Ruined My Life – 12

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They both left the store and went back to the main house to make the call.

Veronica picked up her phone but had another idea forming on her head.

She was going to ask of Pete Johnson again. Maybe the receptionist or whoever that answered the call the other day was either new or was going through some personal stuffs.
That could be the only reason why they don’t know who she was talking about.

She dialed the number and waited for them to pick it up.
Immediately somebody answered, it was a man this time and Veronica felt relieved.
A man will take his time and answer her far better than a lady.
Veronica greeted kindly and the receiver reply with a calm voice

“, How can we help you madam…?

“My name is Veronica Johnson, my husband’s name is Pete Johnson….”

She waited if the name will atleast ring a bell in the man’s ear but the man asked her to go ahead.

“…well, my husband works in your company, he had been a staff for over seven years…. that’s before we got married. Because we have been married for about five years now and he had always works there and does alot of traveling too. He is in the marketing department…he travels alot, sometimes for weeks and months. But this last one he had not returned home. Is been almost six months of his disappearance…i mean his usual work journey. My husband haven’t called or return his calls. No message or any kind of information from him. I called some days ago and the receptionist couldn’t give me a good explanation which was why I’m calling again today. I and the kids are worried. Please, check through the record, computer database or whatever that needs checking let me know the whereabout of my husband. I will really appreciate if you can give me a positive reply so that I hang onto that and know what exactly to do next…”

There was silent at the other end.
“…. hello, are you still there…”?
Veronica asked as she checked her phone to know if the call is still on.

“,Yes madam, I’m checking through our record. Both the old and the new ones. And from what I can see here there is no such name. No Pete Johnson ma’am. I checked through all the department on the system and I can’t find any. And you mentioned that he travels alot and have been gone for months, most of our assigned marketers do travel and the highest they can be gone is either a week if there is emergency of any sort then they make it two weeks. No marketer goes on a month or more journey except if is on a special assignment. A week is highest in our record so far and emergency does not come up often. And the journey is ones in four or six months when our new products arrives. Is not a monthly thing, it happens ones in six months. I’m giving you all this update for you to understand how some of our businesses runs here. Maybe is either a wrong name or you are calling the wrong number ma’am…”

Veronica opened and closed her mouth. She was speechless, she doesn’t know what to say next.

Since the call was on loud speaker, Jane could hear everything.
Jane kept giving signs and whispering to her friend to mention Jubril Elliot maybe they will have an idea.

“…. hello ma, if there’s no other request then I will have to end the call and I wish you well in your quest to find your husband….”

The man finally say.

Jane quickly dragged the phone out of Veronica’s hand
She interrupted the man before he will go off.

“Hold on sir… please…one more thing. Don’t be offended that we are bugging you too much. Is a very sensitive situation that we are into…please bear with us. Can you help us look up for another name… Jubril Elliot? Does such name exist in your company’s record?

The man asked her to hold on. After sometime he said

“Yes, there’s Jubril Elliot. He no longer works here though…he was dismissed from his duties long time ago and haven’t been seen or heard off. Who’s Mr Jubril to you?

The question sounded like a time bomb. A clear warning that something about him was fishy.
Veronica started throwing tantrum, she was reminding Jane of her warning but Jane having gotten a positive step on Jubril wanted to know more.

“We were wondering if Pete Johnson probably used such a name instead of his real name or they could be two different people. I don’t really know…is all confusing sir. I wish we can see a picture of what Jubril Elliot looks like. I’m sorry but we don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Or is there a problem with Mr Jubril…?

“, Jubril Elliot was in the sales department when he was working in this company and his seat as a salesman does not require him traveling. There was no need for him to go on a journey…we have people assigned for that. Mr Jubril was involved in….”

He paused and Jane who was very eager to hear the rest of what he had to say urged him to continue or even send a picture of the Jubril Elliot to them.

The man told them that they have to come over their office if they want to see the pictures of Mr Jubril and every other information about him.

Jane thanked the man and told him that they will decide on when exactly to come since is a long distance from where they live.

Jane thanked the man for his patients and the great help he rendered them.

After the call ended there was a short silent.
Jane managed to speak
“Vero, You have to drive over there and check out the pictures they have of Jubril Elliot in that way all this mystery will be solved. Even if Jubril is not Pete we can continue our search for him from a different angle or even involve the police. I know you don’t believe or want to believe that Jubril Elliot may have some similarities with Pete but Pete Johnson is not in there record while Jubril is… what will you say to that?

Veronica replied after long thought “this Jubril of a guy does not travel… his job description doesn’t requires such activity only those specially assigned for that. The man also said that he was dismissed, which means he was sacked by the company long time ago… which could be several years ago. But on the other hand Pete travels alot…he spent most of his life outside home. I will categorically say that Pete spend seventy five percent outside, traveling and just twenty five percent with us here. He had never spent a whole straight month with us due to the nature of his job according to him. So, I don’t think Pete have any connection with “Jubril” whoever he might be. The difference is huge Jane. However, he probably had some business stuffs or deal that they did together. What I can’t explain is the fact that this same company that Pete works for years doesn’t have his data. No data base on Pete Johnson who is a major staff, I don’t understand Jane…is getting all confusing…”

“That’s more reason why you need to go over there and find out for yourself Vero. Maybe if they see you in person they will explain further. Like I said earlier, let’s not leave any stone unturned. Let’s keep searching untill we find your husband…”

Vero complained of leaving the kids for such a journey.
Jane asked her not to worry she will watch them in her absence.

Veronica, after much thought decided that she will go over to the company herself.
They can’t possibly tell her that there’s no record of Pete Johnson, her husband.

It took her about a week to fully make up her mind.
Jane gave her some money and also fueled her car.
She promised to babysit the kids until she returns.
Veronica thanked her as she entered the road.
with the address of Pete’s company close by her side, she drove on without a second thought.

Her curiosity will soon be confirmed even though she had fears that she refused to speak off or admit to but she silently prayed that Pete is safe and not related in anyway to Jubril.

She will atleast get to see what Jubril Elliot looks like and also why his name was inscribed on Pete’s cup in her dream.
The man they spoke with said Jubril was involved in something, either accident or some shady deals.
he refused to say the rest.
That alone is a clear warning that Jubril is a bad news and can never be Pete Johnson or in anyway related.

Nothing was making sense but she hopes soon all this puzzle will be solved.

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