Marry Me, The Two Magical Words That Ruined My Life – 15

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“… this better be some kind of expensive joke. That’s why I have refused to believe any of it. No…no God, it can’t be true. I will continue saying it no matter how long it takes…”

Veronica kept muttering to herself as she stared at Pete’s pictures on her phone.
The cheque she retrieved from the store was lying on the table.
“… Jubril Elliot can’t be Pete Johnson. They’re two different people. Yes, Make it to be so Lord… make it so or if not I’m a living corpse… please. I believe in you Lord and I know you will put my enemies to shame. How will I face the church, how do I move on? I will be ruined… totally. Jubril Elliot…it can’t be. Don’t let it be. God, I know you won’t…”

There was a knock on the door startling her.
“…God… let it be Pete, Pete…it must be my husband. A clear answer that you listened and heard all my prayers and already making it come to past. Yes Lord..I know you’ve done it. I believe in your miracle. Thank you Jesus… because I know and I can feel in my spirit that is my husband. I believe it by faith…yes, my faith is bigger than that of a mustard seed that you mentioned in the bible. Is like the size of a watermelon or coconut… big and strong. Thank you Lord for bringing Pete Johnson, my husband home…”

Veronica started singing a melodious song as she rushed downstairs to open the door.

As she opened the door she stared into the face of the man staring back at her.

She was supposed to jump on him and start leaping for joy but because he is not the man she wish he was the joy she had earlier disappeared.

“Good morning madam…”

Veronica angrily replied “yes, what do you want…?

The man seems surprised by the question. He reintroduced himself again.

“Is me Sinus, the guy from the waste company, I’m here to pack your dustbins like I do every Friday. I have packed the ones outside and will like to know if you have any other one inside and also the money for the…”

“I don’t have…” Veronica interrupted before he could complete what he was saying.
She shut the door and angrily walked back inside.
Just when she was climbing the staircase another knock came.

She boiled down angrily as she turned back and went to the door to warn the dustbin guy off her door.

“…. get out of my property, I said I don’t…”

She paused as she realized it was Jane.
“….oh Jane. I thought is the guy that packs my trash…”

“I was already wondering why you were ready to punch me in the face. How’re you doing? Jane said as she walked into the house.

“Good…but not too good. To be sincere I’m not close to anything good at this moment. I’m becoming a shadow of my self, acting like an aggressive crazy woman. Why is this happening to me…? I didn’t do anything wrong to deserve this. Jane, I don’t see why I should be going through this hell. My husband is out there, no one has any information about him. He is lost and I’m equally lost in this desert of worries. I don’t know which way or how to get out of this dark moment. Pete haven’t returned so I can’t be fine until I set my eyes on him…”

Jane sat down without a word.
Veronica continued

“…My kids resumed school for another term last week and the school is threatening to send them home this week if the fees and my outstanding debt is not cleared, they even said that they don’t run charity organization so I should be ready to either pay up or have my kids home. I don’t have any money and I used most of the money you gave me to bring back my car and the remaining I had to use it for foodstuffs. I don’t know what to sell, or who to run to..”

Jane cleared her throat and said.
“I thought there’s a car parked in the garage that you or your husband hardly use?

“Is in total bad shape. It belongs to Pete…he crashed it long time ago before I gave birth to my boy and ever since is being parked there. The mechanics where demanding for a huge amount to fix it, Pete said it should remain in the garage until he decides what to do with it…”

Jane breathed deeply and said
“,Sell it, sell it as scrap..sell it off and use the money for some other things. Your kids school is very expensive Vero, Pete isn’t here for now…is almost 8months that he haven’t showed up. You can’t continue like this Vero. Change the kids school to a more affordable school. I have list of schools that are good yet very affordable. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have hope or wait for Pete to show up and clear off the bills but for now you have to restrategize while waiting…”

Veronica flares up.
“Jane, are you in anyway assuming that my husband may not return?

“You know that’s not what I meant Vero bu…

Veronica interrupted
“Hold your”but” selling off his damaged expensive car, changing the children’s well recognized school and counting months of Pete’s absence is exactly what you meant. You never said anything positive because you’ve already concluded that Pete won’t return but I’m here to put it to you that he will return and my enemies will be put to shame. My husband will come back soon…I can feel it in my guts..”

She walks away from Jane who said nothing again but to sit with her phone in hand.
After sometime Veronica retuned.
Jane said to her.

“Listen to me Vero, is high time you start coming in term with the truth and get ready to face whatever may come thereafter. I understand how hard this whole thing must be for you but don’t make it harder on yourself by refusing to face the truth. You cast and bind Jubril Elliot having anything to do with your husband instead of digging deep to know the connection they share. Or isn’t it obvious that what we fear may actually be the truth? Vero, I’m your friend and can only help you to some extent, you’re the one in the shoe and you understand how much it pinches. You needs leave all this lies that you’re using to console yourself and face the truth and also the challenges that comes with it. Sell the car off, it will worth alot of money, change the kids school to a less expensive place. Set yourself up with some business or something else meaningful that will be fetching little money, Go in search of Pete or Jubril to know what becomes of him. I know is been about three weeks we visited his company but I believe Mr Nelson will be willing to give us the address to Jubril Elliot location. Don’t blame God or wallow in self pity… enough of all this. Is time to take action, if I leave here I won’t bother you again with plans of what to do because I’m tired of repeating the same thing each time and nothing is done. The last time I suggested that you get the address and let’s go and search for Jubril who may be related to Pete you almost swallowed me alive. You rejected and bind me up with the holy ghost fire because you’re afraid of the truth. I’m saying it again… maybe the last time. God is merciful to you and that’s why he is revealing the hidden things that could have been worst. Take action Vero…quit wasting time believing in some miracle that may never happen….”

Jane stood up and left. Leaving Veronica to think about all she said.

After two days Veronica’s kids were sent home from school and until the school debt is cleared they won’t be allowed to resume back.
Veronica had to start thinking about everything all over again.
She went into the garage some days Later and knew it was time to sell off Pete’s old car.
She called a mechanic and big work shop owner to come check it out.

Most of the parts cost lots of money and the engine was still very good but the body was damaged.
She had never thought of the car if not that Jane raised the topic, reminding her.

They negotiated and after taking so long to negotiate they finally agreed on a price.

Veronica sold it off and a towing company sent in their towing van and the car was carried out.

Veronica called Jane and asked her to suggest a good, cheap school and Jane willingly recommend a good one close to her.
After two weeks she was able to register her kids in another school which wasn’t too far from their house.

She made up her mind to take the big step of searching for Jubril maybe he will have connections with Pete.

Veronica called Mr Nelson and asked for Jubril Elliot’s address.
She later got the address and informed Jane on what she finally decided to do.

She was going to go alone and only needed her help with the kids.

Jane agreed to help take care of the children in her absence.

Veronica looked round the big house and exhaled loudly.
It was time to go on this dreaded journey.
time to meet Jubril Elliot and face her fears.
To Be Continued…



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