My Best Friend Impregnated My Wife After Accommodating Us When We Had Issues – II

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“Ha! Maybe God has touched her heart” I reasoned. I wished it was God that truly touched her heart. I never knew it was the devil! We made love twice in the week. A week later, she told me, she was pregnant!

“What?” “How?” “When to when?” I asked myself rhetorically. “We have not been sleeping with each other for almost five months now and just s3-x in one week, you say are pregnant?” She said she was not safe. I told her she will have to remove the baby since we cannot take care of a third child now. My wife agreed eagerly. That was when I began to suspect.

Lost in a delusional world of thoughts, I tried to figure out that my wife would never agree to abortion because of her religious beliefs. Why would she even quickly agree to this? I decided to do my investigations. I started a few days later. I came home around eleven o’clock in the morning. I usually leave the house from 5.30am to come back at night. So, my wife was not expecting me until evening.

I entered our room and my wife was not there. The children were playing inside the room. I asked them where is their mummy and my daughter said innocently. ” Mummy is in Uncle Amos’ room. I went there and I pushed the door open. Both of them stood n3k-ed, panting and panicky. Amos’ wet d!-ck drooped while my wife’s hands quivered as she clutched her pants, bra and wrapper

I wanted to kill Amos. I ran to the kitchen, got a knife and charged towards him.

My wife started begging and screaming until neighbours came to separate us.

My wife ran after me begging saying it was the only way she could survive. That food and money finished since and Amos was the one offering to help if she allowed him to sleep with her. My own friend and my own wife?! I couldn’t even come to terms with the happenstance!

I asked her if Amos was responsible for her pregnancy. She said “Yes” I realized why she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. My wife has been crying. I feel like I have failed in this life. I asked her how long has this been going on. “Two months” she said.

I felt like dying on the spot. What else is there to live for? I have no where to go even if I leave Amos’s place. My wife is pregnant for him too.

I reasoned it would be better to just end everything. Though, I love my wife, I cannot see myself ever forgiving this betrayal. Even if I forgive her, can I ever forget ?And how will she even feel after this?

For me, there is nothing left in the world. I have been subjected to the worst form of humiliation. What’s next? I must end this. I contemplated suicide…

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