My Experience With A Yahoo Boyfriend Who Deceived Me & Got Me Pregnant- II

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I was very down and I decided to move on I went to bear parlor I drank to stupor some people help me home..the next day he called, he started saying the lady is a cheat, we move on..after some months I relocated to another state I was hunting for job, I travelled to lagos, he calls me every day, we chat the love grows more, he was very broke, I sent him money, after some months I left lagos, on my back a man told me to avoid any relationship at the moment, wish I heed to his advice..

I went directly to his place, he was down, he den open up to me that he’s into fraud( yahoo) and nothing is dropping, he told me he came to ilorin but he was asked to bring human parts but he can’t, and his neighbor is cashing out, I told him I’ll help because I really love him I spoke with my neighbor if she know any juju man that’s very good, she introduced me to a man. I had close to 100k in my account, we both went to the man I did a lot of prayers, ate different types of things we spend more than 50k after some weeks nothing is dropping, and I’m feeding him, my account is red already, he spoke with his friend, his friend introduced him to another juju man den we are out of cash already.

He told me that he want to go home to hustle up, after some weeks he started posting the other girl pic I was very down after everything I did for him, I moved on but it was too late, I was pregnant my initial plan was to abort it when someone who doesn’t even me told me she saw me in hospital in her dream

I insisted on aborting but every means I tried wasn’t working until I was told not to abort the child.

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