I Have Feelings For My Brother, I Want Him To Make Me M0@n Like The Other Girls – II

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I could see the love in my brother’s eyes and for the first time ever, I anticipated the moment they would fv-ckk. Lara smiled at me and I just could not help but smile back. Knowing that my brother’s d!-ckk would be deep in her hours later did not make me angry, it actually turned me on.

I happily made them some food and as expected, they retired to the bedroom after a few hours. Like I normally would, I listened outside their door.

Even Lara’s bedroom sounds were giving me goosebumps. She did not scream and I could not call it a m0-an. It was a soft sound of a girl who was way too focused on the pleasure for theatrics. It was calm but I knew she was loving every minute of being fv-ckked by my brother. Three fingers were deep inside my cvnt as I bounced up and down erratically on my hand. I had to give everything in me to keep from screaming and when I finally exploded, I was shivering so bad, I collapsed to the floor.

I heard her whisper something to him and I gathered my strength so I could return to my bedroom. I was still sweating and trying to catch my breath. I laid on my bed, my body still buzzing from the experience.

I must have dozed off because a sound from the kitchen jerked me awake. It seemed I had been asleep for just over an hour. Curiously, I got out of bed, still wearing the t-shirt and panties I had on during my earlier session. I was not sure what I was hoping for but when I found Lara in the kitchen, I was elated.

She was in a very short nightdress and she didn’t seem to have anything on underneath.

“Hi Nancy, I was just about to get some water to drink?” She said when she noticed me standing in the doorway.

“Sure. Let me help you.” I replied, taking a glass cup from the shelf. “Where’s Dare?”

“Oh, he’s asleep. I didn’t want to bother him,” she said with a smile.

I filled her glass and handed it to her. As she drank, my eyes roamed over her body until they eventually settled on her cl3-a age. I imagined Dare k!$-sing her br3-asts and my pv-ssy tingled in reaction.

She looked at me in surprise when she noticed me watching her.

“Oh, sorry. You have really beautiful skin. How do you maintain it?” I asked.

She then proceeded to describe the daily regimen that I couldn’t care less about. Then an idea came to me.

“I bought a new body cream recently myself. Would you like to take a look and see if it is good for my body?”

She hesitated, “well I’m no expert…” she was saying but I moved towards her, took her hand and gently tugged until she followed me to my bedroom.

I led her to the table top where I had all my cosmetics. She began glancing through them, lifting each one up, examining then returning it. I paid no attention to that. I was way too focused on her enticing curves and the image of my brother fv-ckking her.

She turned to face me and had that surprised look again when she noticed I was looking intently at her. I paused for a second to consider what I was about to do, then decided to go for it. I leant in and placed my lips gently on hers.

She pulled her head back almost immediately but both my hands had glided up towards her br3@sts were I gently teased her n!-pples with my thumb.

“What are you doing?” she asked, but I could tell she was ar0-used. She did not completely move away from me. I did not respond but moved in for another k!-ss. Her lips on mine were unsure but I urged her to let go as I gently pinched her hard n!-ppl3s.

I sighed into her mouth when her hands came to rest on my waist. The k!-ss got deeper and I was hungrier for her. I gently guided her to my bed where I laid her down. Her nightdress rode up and like I guessed, she was naked underneath. Her legs spread apart as she got comfortable..

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