I Have Feelings For My Brother, I Want Him To Make Me M0@n Like The Other Girls – III

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My lips left hers as I slowly made my way towards her br3@-sts. I wanted so badly to k!-ss and care-ss them but there was something else I wanted more. I wanted to taste my brother in her.

My mouth went straight for her pv-ssy and my tongue slid in as deep as it could go. I tasted a hint of semen and I nearly went mad with want. I teased her c|!t and sv-ckedd her cvnt in an effort to bring forth every single drop my brother’s juices.

She was making that sound I heard through the bedroom door earlier and that only urged me on. She reached down and grabbed a headful of my hair as she began to tremble. Before long, she began to squ!rt hot, sweet cvmm into my mouth. I |!cked and sv-cked and swallowed every drop.

When she was drained, I leant back up and to face her and gave her a deep k!-ss.

“That was great,” she said when we parted. “I would like to pleasure you too.”

“There is only one thing I want,” I said, holding her gaze.

“What?” she asked eagerly.

Then I told her to go wake my brother, fv-ck him until his cvmm filled her then come to my room as soon as possible. I told her how I wanted her to return with a pv-ssy full of my brother’s cvmm and to tell me every single detail of how he fv-ckked her.

She was momentarily taken aback but I saw that spark of interest in her eyes. The idea turned her on too.

“I will be right back,” she said. I got off her and my eyes followed her as she left my room to go do my bidding.

Lara was my soulmate and that was just the beginning…

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