Women Are Their Own Enemies-My Girlfriend’s Best Friend Is Blackmailing Me – II

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Infact,she called me and told me she wanted to come to my house. That she wants me to give her a seocnd chance. That she did not realize what she was missing before her friend came into the picture. I said no, no need. She disturbed me to the point I blocked her line.

Then my brithday came and both girls came to my house. This was like almost 3 months later that I have already started seeing the friend. I was not happy she came with her friend cos now, she would now know where I stay but my girl kept assuring me that her friend has mioved on.

The next day, this so called friend that has moved on, showed up in my place and was practically begging me to sleep with her. I was like no way cos I am with her friend now. She then said, lets make a deal…that if I sleep with her (with protection) just once…and then decide if I want to give her a chance or continue with her friend.

That was where she got me. I told her one time that I am a guy that likes great s*x and she was using that to seduce me. I said ok…just one time!…we got down to business and I think she tried but afterwards…I told her I appreciate her efforts but I was going to go with her friend.

And that was when she started to blackmail me. She asked for 200k to shut her mouth up and not tell her friend. Because  loved her friend alot, I paid. I kept telling my girlfirend to becareful of her friend…cos she was still flirting with me but I did not have the courage to tel her I slept with her. But at every opportunity, this her friend keeps trying to seduce me.

We have been going strong for a year and I want to take the relationship to the next level. But I am afraid that her friend may keep on blackmailing me or tell her friend about that one night of s8x. So, I have decided to tell my girl by myself. I intend to propose to my girl this Christmas. My question is: should I tell her before proposing or should I propose before telling her? Do you think she will still want me if I tell her?

I need advise from fellas who have been in similar situation…also from ladies too…what do you think I shouild do? Any insult, I will swallow it cos I know say I don fv-ckk up…I just need to make things right.

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