Covid Was A Blessing In Disguise: How I Fv-cked My Distance Cousin – II

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That moment, I decided that I was going to make my cousin submit to me. In return, she will get my devotion for the next 2 months. But, in bed, I will be the owner of her hot body.

I made her lie flat and removed her maxi. Then I took out my boxer too. I then held her chin and started sm00-ching her and occasionally biting her |!ps. She started staring into my eyes.

My d!-cck was rubbing on top of my cousin’s extremely wet pv-ssy. I decided in my mind that I had to show her that night what the next 2 months were going to be. I was going to give her a very hardcore fv-cck and also treat her like a queen.

First, I must worship her to gain her trust in the bed. So I proceeded to k!-cck her b0-0bs and slowly pressing them. I asked her if she wanted me to go down on her. She blushed and nodded.

I went down and licked and rubbed her pv-ssy for about 10 minutes where she kept gushing juices into my mouth. She kept her hand on my head and pushed my head in her pv-ssy. After another 5 minutes or so, I licked her whole body and k!-$$ed her body till I reached her toes.

I proceeded to slowly massage her legs and she started vibrating. She must have been tired from the journey as she lived 60 km away.

After making her happy, I held her shoulders and made her sit in the bed and told her that I was in love with her for many years and that night I want to please her as much as she wants.

She finally opened her mouth to say that I am the second person she was having s3-x with and it was the best feeling. She was feeling she is love again.

I told her that now it was time for her to satisfy me. I told her that I was going to please her in my own way. Rachael surrendered herself and told me do whatever I want with her. I was happy.

I grabbed her cheeks hard and made her lie down. I l!ccked her armpits one by one and then I brought my d!-cck near her mouth and asked her to lubricate it. After that, I asked her to turn around and placed my d!-cck in her a-ss-hole. Before I could insert it, she tried to stop me! I took her hand and removed it and asked her not to be worried.

“Tomorrow is Sunday and you don’t have office, so you can rest the whole day and it will be fine by Monday.”

I then slowly inserted my d!-cck in her a-ss hole and she buried her face in the pillow. I grabbed her right b0-0b and pinched it to divert her brain’s attention so that she can relax her bv-tt-hole.

My 6-inch d!-cck was now inside and I then proceeded to fv-cck extremely hard and that fat a-ss was an awesome cushion. Tears rolled down her eyes from the pain. But, after some slow and hard pumps, my cousin responded by pushing her a-ss back. I stopped pinching her b0-0bs and kept pumping for 10 minutes before I felt I would cv-m

I turned her around and made her sit in the bed. I stood up and put my d!-cck in front of her face and cv-mmed on her face. Her face was red from crying and I gave her a soft slap on her face and told her that this is the energy of a beast which she has to take every day from today. I asked her, “Will you take it or not?” She said, yes.

I took a towel cleaned her face. I k!-$$ed her all over her body and including her feet to make her feel special. We went to the washroom and both of us peed in front of each other.

My d!-ccck was painful from an-a| c-ex. I still helped her get clean to make her feel special. Then we used the towels to sponge our body and it was already 2:30 am. I held her hand and took her to the bed. She wanted to wear the nightie but I didn’t allow her.

I went inside the sheets and hugged her like my baby and we slept in each other’s arms.

I woke up at 5:30 am as usual and I had planned to make my cousin feel special. So I didn’t release my arm and kept looking at her face and when she woke up at 6 am, she saw me looking at her deeply. I told her that she was my queen and I was very happy.

She whispered in my ear about the an-a| pain. I gave her a medicine that I bought to give my gf whenever we do an-a|. I told her that I will go for running now and she doesn’t have to worry about doing the bed, her lover will do it for her.

I k!-ssed her forehead and went for a run. I returned to find my cousin, mom and dad all refreshed and sitting at the breakfast table. She didn’t start eating and was waiting for me.

I had a shower and went for breakfast. She and I then had breakfast and she wanted to go shopping as she was telling my mom and that she wanted me to take her on my bike. I said, ok. And whatsapped her saying, “Anything for my queen” with a k!-ss emoji. She was blushing.

Then an adventurous c-ex happened…

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