Love Is Blind: How I Take Fall In Love With Agbo Seller – II

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“guys, this stadium too small o. Na 7-a-side o

No offside o. Make una mind dey am o.”

“No gbege na. They all said. ”

Hello! I blew the whistle to get everyone ready. . pipipi! Pipi! Peeeeee!

The ball got passed and the game began.

The alcohol wey I been take before the match come begin ginger me. I see one euro facade player wey wan shoot ball, I no know say the guy no dey offside. I come blow offside. Chai! Before I know wetin day happen, almost 15 players surround me. ” were you not the one that said there’s no offside? What kind of unprofessional officiating is that please?”

I laugh for my mind. This mumu ajebo claiming no know say no be Birmingham we dey. Abi you think say na st mirren we dey? Carry your wahala go jare.

My decision was made and that was final.

As match finish, people come begin dey halla with different reports. Ref, na wa o. You no known foul throw, you no know, penalty, you no know anything. That’s why them win us 2-0

“Mumu people” I tell myself. Why una no settle me make I fix the match. No be England wey Everton dey kll Chelsea 3-2 them add enough stoppage time then allow offside goal just to make sure the game end draw.?

After the match, I wan go house, naim the organisers call me, “we get small entertainment for una o”. They said…

My mind sweet me small.

I come sit down like say my name na chidiebere adamu from Lagos state.. I come dey see different kinds of drinks, five crates of mixed drinks ( star, life, gulder, and hero.) About five bottles of red label, 3 bottles of alomo bitters. 15 litres of palm wine. All very chilled.

I just take 3 bottles of star, some glasses of black label mixed with coke and also plamwine.

My eye come dey disturb me. Shey na English b that? I no know o. ..

But e come be like say na me be Jesus. Coz I come dey tell eopke say them go go heaven and some go go hell.

Aftr Much much. The matter finish, I enter house go sleep.

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