Love Is Blind: How I Take Fall In Love With Agbo Seller – III

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Chai! I no get money o. How I wan take buy handouts? This our rubbish lecturer wey no dey carry eye see guys. If na ladies now, maybe them for wish them naking. But me no get filling station na.

I come make up my mind to attend class that day. I don even forget the course name; e be like say na agricultural religion of medicine 202

The lecturer enter class very late. Instead wey him go talk wetin make am enter late, him come dey talk say we no gree pay school fees…. ( ha wetin concern agbero with over load? )

How this one take concern this Enugu man. Ogini n’eme nwoke ma?

The man use annoyance set test o. But na exam e write for board. I know say the idiot don use alcohol redesign him future. Maybe him want make sqaurdron give am endorsement deal.

That one no be the matter o. The kain yeye question wey dey the test naim wan scatter my gejediri!

1.. How did father Abraham die?

2…who invented invention

3… Who is the grand father of Adam?

Na wa o. This man useless o.

I just answer adamu for all the questions. Surprisingly, i scored 40 over 40. Abeg make them no transfer this nice lecturer o (I said to myself)

This man know book die. Chai. If other lecturers dey like maazi Chinedu, I go graduate with first class.

After the day, I enter road, pick motorcycle go one small shop for jabi lake shopping mall.

I buy some very important things like okpa, akamu, fried egg, red carpet, kunu, nunu, zobo……

Na wao how supermarket go get all those kain things?

Naim be say them go fit get phone chargers wey get stadium

To be Continued…


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