Risky Risky Her Body Risky: Chai Mama Peace Sweet No Be Small – II

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i beg mama p make she leave me but she no gree ooo, next tin i know she don hold my d!-ckk , i no fit talk again . i still dey beg , she remove the short gown she wear , na there my head spark , but i still no get mind for this kind tin, wat if her husband come house now or one amebo neighbor waka come knock, her children no be problem she don lock dem for another room …i been dey try to avoid this wahala but my john thomos don hard like stone , na so mama p push me back for chair … she remove my trouser … i still dey tell her say abeg ma this tin we won do no right, she no even send me na so she hold my d!-ck, she put am for mouth oooo…. e con be like say na ice dem cari dey rob my tin, she don expert for the tin na so she dey sv-ckk am , dey sv-cck am …mesef dey feel am goon , i don won release i tink say she go even comot am for mouth , naso i explode my load for mama p mouth , she swallow am …swallow everything …. na d first time woman go swallow my cvm ooo…

asin she swallow everything …. me sef dey respect am b4 bt dis mata don enta gear.. meself as a bad sharp guy i i begin dey play with he pU$s¥ … i dey rob d c|!ts, d spot don wet , e con soft … naso mama p lay down oo say mke mesef con sv-ck her .. i been doubt am but as she open leg, i see the well shaved clean socculent toto… my head scata … before she say oya na ,, na moun she moun oooo… i begin dey eat d pU$s¥ …. see as she dey moun dey grab my head.. sometimes she almost scream i go use hand hold her mouth mke she no put me for wahala …i cari one hand go up … i grab one of her bobbi .. i dey press am like say e offend me ooo .. she pull me up, i look her face , d kind smile i see ehnnn , she tell me ssay e don do , mke i fv-ckk her pU$s¥ … na so me sef form oga oooo .. i tell her to say please ooo .. she dey beg for my prick … and i no ready to fv-ckk oo, i no cari condom . see me see wahala … i tell her i no get condom…she say mke i wait make she check her husband trousers , she no say him go get … she wear her gown enta d other room .. she pet her children small con put cartoon for dem … i just dey door dey look her .. she finally con see condom for one of her husband trouser.. na 3 dey inside the pack … that means oga sef don use one for another babe … that one no concern me ooo ,.. na from door wen she dy come na so i grab her , look d door shap shap … i tell her to fix the condom on for me ….she first sv-ckk d prick one more time den she wear am condom.. i just tell her to bend … omo na dogy i knack her ooo … see as i dey bang her from bhind .. see as she dey moun … for my mind like say i don win jackpot..

i just dey bang her hard real harrd, she dey scream baddo fv-ckk me well well, abeg Bleep me like say you won kill me …. see as we dey sweat … she quickly turn standing fan face us con put am for the highest . naso she change position again ooo…she push me for ground con climb me. she dey ride me .. con see as dis woman dey twist waist … my medulla won burst ..

naso she dey ride , me sef dey press her bobbi ..finally i won release .. naso me sef turn her ooo begin dey knack am ..

she dey use her hand dey press my nyash .. as if she want make i enter her finish … i con release at last.. see the way she dey smile @ me , be like dem neva Bleep her like dis before …

i don forget say na married woman house i dey ooo, naso i run wear my cloth , she sef don tire she just laydown open leg dey look… she still dey call me mke i come do one more, i say no be me dis woman go kill … she finally stand up con dress..

na now i con rememba say i dey hungry… i just use style ask her weda food dey, since i don do her well she no hesitate serve me confirm jellof rice and chicken .. con use chill coke top am ..

mke i llok time , 1 oclock don nack . since 10 am wey i dey mama p house … naso i run dey go my shop ooo…

but make i no lie mama peace sweet no be small… and she still dey disturb me till today,, but i no won do that kind tin again, e too risky ….

naso me and mama peace mata be ooo…….

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