She Pull My Belt & Yeeeee!!!..My Oga Daughter Won Finish Me – II

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Emeka reciprocated the gesture and it

suddenly turned into a french k!-ss. Their lips were interlocked

with them holding each other by the neck. Jennifer was a good

k!-ssee, if there was anything she knew how to do best after

partying it definately had to be k!-$$ing. The driver who was

roughly in his early 50s was staring at them through the front

window but could say nothing. He had seen Jennifer do worst

than that so it wasn’t anything. The driver would sometimes

drive Jennifer to “The joint” where she usually goes to meet

different guys and when her father inquired from him where they

drove to, he would lie that he drove her to her friend’s place.

Jennifer had as much control on him than her father who he was

working for. Perhaps he was also chopping the kpomo!

They got to the club and alighted from the SUV, they walked

towards the gate to meet two fierce looking bouncers at the

entrance, Jennifer walked passed them while they hailed her, she

was a regular there who always ‘dashed’ them money. Emeka

was about crossing then one of the bouncers stopped him,

Jennifer looked back to the bouncer and gave him a look that

Emeka was with her.

They walked inside the club and could hear the sound of music

blaring hysterically from the speakers placed at strategic

locations inside the club. Jennifer already knew her way around

the club so she took him to the dance floor, the place was dark

with only transparant light shining about, they joined the vast

majority of people dancing, the roof was on fire as they rock to

the music, Emeka also displayed his best dance moves, he had

totally forgotten that he detest dancing in public, Jennifer was

also twerking on his d!-ckk she could be mistaken for Shakira jnr

with the way she was whining her waist.

They had been dancing for the past three hours, Jennifer then

dragged Emeka from the dance floor to an extreme of the club,

she opened the door but everywhere was dark, the place was

called “the darkroom” that’s where people enter to do crazy stuff,

Emeka started hearing sound of m0-@ning that’s when the dream

he had earlier that day began to play in his head. Jennifer was

the light skinned Lady whom he had s3-x with in his dream. Unlike

in his dream where the room was entirely white this time it was

dark, Jennifer dragged him into one sharp corner and whispered

into his ear “Let’s finish what we started in school” she leaned

forward and they started k!-ssing again, Emeka grabbed her right

bosoms and car3-$$ it thoroughly. He pulled his belt down and

remembered he was not with a condom, he ignored the thought

and dragged her p-ant down, he placed his d-!ck inside her pv-ssy and began f`-cking her with standing position. Emeka was

f`v-cking her like a dog as if his life depended on it. Jennifer was

m0-@ning  loudly but she was not the only one having s3-x in the

room, several people were also f`-vcking in the same place.

Emeka sqva-tting and Jennifer sat on his laps, he continued to

f`-vck her with his d!-ck penetrating her pv-ssy elastically…

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