Smooth Skin With Hips To Kill For, My Seduction Journey With My Full Figured Aunt – 5

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The following morning, Aunt Rose and I were sitting in the kitchen, just chatting, when I turned to her and said, “Rose, I’ve decided not to return to college. I want to stay here and help you run the farm. I love this life and hated college, I felt like a cog in a huge machine.”

She looked at me, surprised, and said,” John, are you sure that this life is what you want? As you’ve already found, it’s not exciting like in the city. What about your future?”

I looked into her eyes and stated, “Rose, this is the life I want; it IS my future. I’ve fallen in love with it.”

“John, are you absolutely sure that your decision isn’t based on the s3-x we had?” she asked.

Still looking deep in her eyes, I state, “Rose, I’m sure you’ll agree that the s3-x was great, but that’s not the reason I want to stay. I’ve grown to love the hard work involved in running this place. I’ve learned more useful information in the past couple of months than I did during a year in college. I believe this farm is my future, will you share it with me?”

“Oh, John,” Rose stated breathlessly,” You’ve made me so happy with your decision. I don’t think I could run the whole thing by myself.”

“There’s another reason I want to stay, Rose. I’ve grown to love you, not as a nephew, but as your lover.”

She took my hand and k!-$$ed it, then said, “John, as you are well aware, your Uncle died two months ago. He always told me that if something happened to him, I should find someone else to love. As short as the time has been since he passed, I believe that I’ve found that someone; you. We can’t be married, but will you live with me, as my husband?”

I returned the gesture and said,” Only if you’ll live with me, as my wife.” I then continued,” I need to call Mom and Dad this evening and let them know that I’m staying here and not going back to college.”

After we ate supper and cleaned the kitchen that evening, I pulled out my cell phone.

“Call them now,” Rose exclaimed, “Just be sure not to say anything about ‘us’.”

I put the phone on speaker and dialed Dad’s cell number. He answered and said, “Hold on, I’m putting the phone on speaker so Mom can also talk.”

I heard him call Mom over, then heard her say, “Hi John, how are you?”

I told them I was doing well, and so was Aunt Rose. I then proceeded to tell them why I called, ” Mom and Dad, I’ve made a decision about my future. I’m not going back to college, I’m going to stay here and help Aunt Rose with the farm. I’ve come to love the farm life and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Dad said,” While I’m disappointed that you won’t go back to college, I’m proud that you finally made a decision about what you want to do with your life. It also lifts my apprehension about what your Aunt was going to do when you left.”

Mom then chimed in with,” Are you sure that’s what you want, Honey?”

“Yes Mom, I’m absolutely sure,” I replied.

“Okay then,” said Dad, “I’m going to transfer the balance of your college funds into your personal checking account. Use the money as you need it, but don’t go nuts.”

“I won’t Dad. There’s still money left from your original deposit,” I chuckled.

“Is Aunt Rose handy?” Dad asked.

“She’s been listening to our whole conversation, Dad,” I replied.

“Hi Rose,” he stated, “Has John been behaving himself?”

“Yes, Tom, he has,” she stated, then continued,” He works as hard as James did and has even made some improvements to the house. He told me about his decision this morning. I couldn’t be happier, although I am surprised. It has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders. I don’t know what I would have done without him here. Thank you so much for suggesting it.”

“Rose, you know I’d do anything for my sister,” replied Dad.

“I know you would, Tom. I’m just extremely surprised that a man as young as your son is just as generous as you.”

“His decision has made me very proud,” said Dad.

“I just wanted him to let you know about his decision. We’ll be going now,” said Rose.

“Okay,” said Dad, “You continue taking good care her, John. You’ve made us very proud. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Dad, goodnight Mom,” I replied and disconnected.

I turned to Rose and opened my arms. She came to me, and we k!-$sed passionately. I broke the k!-$s and whispered in her ear, “My wife, are you ready to go to bed?”

She whispered back to me,” Only if we’re going to fool around, my husband.”

And so it was that we became a ‘married couple’ instead of lovers. A month later, it was confirmed, my ‘wife’ was pregnant.

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