Smooth Skin With Hips To Kill For, My Seduction Journey With My Full Figured Aunt – II

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“Your back is really tense hon,” she said finally.

“That’s all muscle Aunt Rose,” I said coyly.

“Ain’t that the truth…” she trailed off.

Soon she slid down to my legs and started working my calves. Slowly she inched her way upwards until she reached what the towel-covered. I felt a slight hesitation before her hands slid under the small towel. Her hands were right on my bv-tt, and I could not help but wonder whether she could see my balls. I could feel the cool air on them, so it made sense that she should be able to see them. My c0-cck had grown slightly limp under my weight, but I knew the moment it got some room, it would go full mast once again.

“Are you sore here?” My Aunt asked shyly. Her hands squeezed my a$$ very softly.

“A little,” I said quietly.

Slowly she started to massage my a$$. The towel was now flipped up on my back.

“Your bv-tt is nice and hard,” she said, her voice a little high.

“Thanks,” I said, laughing a little.

After a few minutes, she asked me to flip over. A couple of things happened at once when I did. I flipped over, not thinking twice about covering myself. My Aunt had turned around to grab a small cloth and squeeze some more oil out of the bottle. She hesitated only slightly before turning back to face me. My c0-cck was growing exponentially while my eyes feasted on the s3-xy mature female before me. You can imagine my Aunt’s reaction when she turned. She instantly realized her nephew’s young hard c0-cck was fully displayed before her.

“That looks nice and hard too…” she said a little breathlessly. Her eyes were locked on my c0-cck. “John are you always that hard?” She asked as she remembered my hard-on from that morning.

“Most of the time, yes,” I answered as I sat up to see her better. The motion made my c0-cck sway side to side like a pendulum.

“Does it hurt?” she asked curiously.

“Not at all.” I said as I gingerly grabbed it and released it nonchalantly.

After a few seconds of silence, I saw her inch towards me. Slowly but deliberately, her hand reached for my c0-cck, and soon her fingers clasped around my shaft. Immediately I flexed and push my pelvis upwards, essentially engorging my c0-ckk in her hand even more. I liked the tight feeling of her hand and laid back down, relishing the sensation. Soon she was stroking me slowly. She did this for a few minutes before I heard a quiet sniffle. She had started to cry.

I quickly sat up, and she said, “I loved your uncle very much you know.”

I felt sick thinking that I had made a mistake. Guilt rose in me like never before.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to Aunt Rose,” I said cautiously.

“No baby, It’s not that…” she wiped her tears. “I’m not sad… I just really miss your Uncle. I’m so happy you are here taking care of me, I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you,”

I sat up even straighter and k!-ssed her. Our lips locked together, and our tongues car3-ssed one another in a hot mess. I hurriedly reached up under her blouse and finally… finally… got a hold of one of her glorious t!ts.

I squeezed tightly and immediately fell in love with their malleability and weight. My Aunt was in an awkward position, but still, she didn’t stop stroking her oily hand up and down my shaft. She alternated her hand movements by using a twisting motion, and I could tell she was loving each vein and contour her hand could feel around my c0-cck. I couldn’t help but wonder whether having milked so many cows had made her an unknowing expert on hand jobs. Having gotten the green light, my natural reproductive instincts took over. I tore my Aunt’s blouse off completely and cupped both br3-@sts.

I’m able to palm a basketball without much trouble, but I still found myself with handfuls. I attacked each n!-pple with the same energy that a hungry calf has after being apart from its mother for too long. I sucked on each br3-@st vigorously, and when I was too eager, my Aunt pulled my hair slightly, effectively taking control of how I feasted on her.

After a couple of minutes, I stood up and quickly presented my c0-cck to her. She shifted from her sitting position to a kneeling one, her br3-@sts swaying slightly. She was about to envelop me with her mouth when I unexpectedly bent down and stabbed my c0-cck into her hard n!-pples.

“Jesus you can’t get enough of those can you?” she asked as I rubbed my c0-cck up and down against her hard n!-pples.

Instead of replying, I grabbed her hands and made her squish her t!ts together. I thrust my c0-cck into the fold. The head of my c0-cck was visible only after every upward thrust. I loved watching my Aunt’s eyes light up as I grunted and fv-ckked her t!ts faster and faster.

Finally, after having had my way with her br3-@sta, I tempted her into taking me into her mouth. It wasn’t challenging to get her to open her mouth. She had tracked my c0-cck the second I had pulled it out of her br3-@sts. She watched it with the same level of attention that a female dog gives to a treat it’s about to receive. I swayed it side to side in front of her, and her mouth opened probably without her even knowing it. She was leaning forward and just about to wrap her lips around it when I pulled away. She quickly looked up with a face of confusion and disappointment. I smiled at her, and she responded by making a funny, angry face.

“Okay, okay,” I said as I offered her my c0-cck once again…

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