Tale Of A Freaky Wife: How I Reach Hugasm When My Husband Is Not Around II

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The following week, I decided to visit one of my toasters. We have on S3-x chatting for a while now but I needed to feel his big d!-cck. I had called him earlier to see if he could make time and come to my house when my husband is out so we can spend some  couple of hours together. For weeks, I had dreamt and fantasised about his large d!cck. My earlier guilt of screwing another man even though I was married myself had faded and all that was left was red, hot yearning.

I arrived at his place and this time around, we actually got to talking. He told me he had not been able to stop thinking about me too. I was very glad to hear that. After some time, he led me to the bedroom where we both undressed.

This time, I was the one on top of him. I wanted to savour him inch by inch as he stretched my pv-$$sy and opened me up completely. I placed myself above him and guided the head of his c0-cck inside me. I bore down, closing my eyes as the tip of his c0-cck broke through my entrance. He m0-@ned, jerking his hips upwards and encouraging me to take him completely. I took my time. I was determined to feel him all the way.

Inch by inch my pv-ssy swallowed him until the head of his c0-cck was scraping against my cervix and my whole body was convulsing around his large erect!0n. He gripped my hips, pushing me upwards and urging me to move. I obliged him finally, moving up and down as my pv-$sy became even more lubricated with all the sweet movement.

His eyes were on my b0-0bs which jiggled around as I bounced up and down his d!-cck. I threw my head back in bliss, gr0-@ning and riding me like my life depended on it. Perspiration soaked my whole body and I was soon shaking as I came all over that thick, large d!-cck.

I slowed my pace, fv-cck!ng him slower,  revelling in the feel of him in me. This was why I would never be faithful to my husband again. There was no way in the world I would settle for his small d!-cck and his arrogant attitude when I knew a large cock like this was out there needing to be fv-ccked. I shook my head from side to side and cried out as Leke brought his finger to my c|!t, violently rubbing until I came again. I rode him so long that I did not realise how much time had passed. I was too overwhelmed with all the fun. When his c0-cck began to throb and swell inside me, I knew it was almost over and I squatted on his c0-cck, fv-ck!ng him even harder, squeezing my pv-$$y walls around him until we both came together.

I checked the time and realized we have been fv-ckk!ng for over 2hours but thankfully, My husband had not returned from. I took a shower then started to make dinner. I was being his dutiful wife.

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