My Friend’s Wife Forced My Into Having S3-x With Her: Now She’s Blackmailing Me With It – Pls Advice II

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So, she went into their bedroom and got the papers, came back dresses in nothing but a big T-shirt. She smiled and asked me what I will do for her if she signs the document for me. I was like, how do you mean? Long story, she pulled her T Shirt up and she had nothing under…she said…will you fv-cck me?

My God…I was o…God forbid. She then said…those were her only conditions. I then asked her why she wants her husband’s friend to fv-cck her. That her husband is my friend who has done so much for me. I cannot betray him like that. She said I should relax, that she and her husband are just using each other.

That her husband married her for her papers and she married him for s3-x but he no longer satisfies her cos he is busy with work and she thinks he is having an affair with a Nigerian woman in Dubai. My God…I told her no that she was lying…she said I should confirm from my friend if she was lying. She seemed like she was really telling the truth.

So, I was like…ok…just once…and I fv-ccked her and she signed the papers. Our fv-ck!ng unfortunately did not stop that day. We had to start hiding behind her husband to fv-cck every other day. This bitch is crazy and a nymphomaniac. I did not have a girlfriend and frankly speaking, I felt since they are not married for love, its just a game…so I blocked my conscience. She was getting what she wanted and I was too…no strings attached.

Next thing she tells me is, I should stop using condom, that she is on protection. I refused to believe her. I told her she is lying. She later admitted and said, she wants to get pregnant for me and she wants to file a divorce ….I was way!.

I started to avoid her now. And that made her really angry. She became mad at me and threatened to throw me out of her house. I am worried now cos I have no where else to go to. This woman does not want to hear my pleas. I cannot tell her husband because with what has happened, he too will be more than happy to send me packing out of their house.

I am in-between the devil and the deep blue sea. I cannot go back to Naija cos I cannot go back and start from scratch. Cult ruined me in Naija…now, woman wants to ruin me in Dubai. I confided in a fellow who I hand out with at work. He too is an immigrant trying to hustle….he was like, why am I being so self righteous. That I should give the Asian bitch a baby and stop whining.

And truly, its not like my friend is a saint either cos, I now have proof that he too is cheating on his Asian wife. Everyone is doing anything to survive in this abroad land. I need your advise. Even though I know their marriage is just a contract, I feel somehow banging a man’s wife and getting her pregnant while she is still married.

So, I told her, she should get a divorce first and do not get me involved before I will agree to her proposal of getting her pregnant..

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