My Husband Is No Longer Attracted To Me – What Else Should I Do? II


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After dropping off my children from school, I decided to go to the car wash to clean my car. At the car wash, I met a man who walked towards me and asked me if I knew one Chioma? I said no…he said he could swear I look like a former colleague, Chioma.

Well, we started talking as we both waited for our cars to be washed. It was refreshing to talk to someone. It was clear he was fl!-rting with me and somehow, I liked it cos I have not felt wanted by a man in a long time. He convinced me to tell him about myself and we found out we were both in similar situation in our marriage.

He said, he has been married for 16 years and he and his wife are no longer attracted to each other. We talked about alot of things, marriage, challenges and family, business …etc. And then he said something my husband as not told me for so long…he said…damn, you are so s3-xy. I was like: are you kidding me? He was like, lets meet and I was like how…

This man and I exchanged nos and started chatting with each other. It was mainly dirty s3-xy chat. I needed to hear those words. I mastv-rbated to his voice as he told me mad things I wanted to hear. He wanted me and I wanted him. God why? Why? Why this temptation?  He said he has never cheated on his wife in their 16 years of marriage but meeting me, he was instantly attracted to me.

One early morning, soon as I dropped my kids off at school, I drove to meet him in a hotel he was waiting for me. We were both turned on so bad that we almost ate each other up. It was hot and wild and when it was over, my entire body was on fire. I wanted more and more…he too wanted more and more. Oh God!

However, when I got home, guilt has been consuming me. I want to be with him again but I am unhappy at this cos even though my husband is no longer attracted to me, I still respect him and love him. I told my lover that I cannot go on like this. I blocked him and stopped talking to him.

I channeled all my pent up s3-xval energy to my husband. When my husband came home last night. I told him I wanted him to fv-cck my pv-ssy like mad else I would cheat on him cos I am tired of not being wanted. My husband pushed me aside and told me he was tired and I should not start with my nagging again.

Here I was…begging my own husband to fv-cck me when someone else is willing and happy to do more than I even asked him…all my efforts to sed-vce my husband failed last night. I felt so angry and betrayed.  Now, I know, nothing can change my husband so tell me, what is stopping me from cheating on him again?

Why am I looking at my lover’s phone no and feeling the strongest urge to call him…he is married…his wife does not want him…I am married…my husband does not want me…is this not destiny? Is this a sign that its time to end this marriage? What else am I in this marriage for?

Is marriage not for love and companionship and affection? My marriage lacks all 3 attributes and right now, I feel I am too young at 37 to live without s3-x for the rest of my life. Please advice me on what to do. I have suggested counselling to my husband and he refused. I am not the prayerful type before but this matter has made me pray yet no change.

So, Is this a sign to find love and happiness in this new man that is giving me what I want: friendship, love, great s3-x and companionship? Some people say you sometimes grow separately as your marriage grows…mine has certainly grown apart…I am tired of begging my husband to make love to me.

I just have one question: how come my own husband is not attracted to me but another married man is? what should I do to change this situation before its too late. If I call Mr. Lover man again, I fear, I may be on a point of no return. Truly, one man’s meat…what else am I supposed to do to win my husband’s affection back?

All I worked for in my 11 years of marriage might just be over. I have thought about my children as the reason I am still in this marriage but my children will grow up and leave me one day…and I will be a dry leaf.  I have heard some people say, that is marriage …I should just accept it but its very difficult to accept… I am deeply frustrated.

I do not want to continue cheating but what other options do I have? God put the desire for a man in me…what am I going to do with that desire that is eating me up everyday? Please advice me…

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