After just one date with a pros-t!tute, i promised not to let her depart from my presence – 3

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He had already determined to give her a hundred. But for now, he would play the game.

For her, 15k was already a good score. She usually did it for ten. She just hoped she wouldn’t have to work extra hard for it tonight, even though she wanted to reward him by fv-ck!ng him senseless. A beautiful smile materialised.

She wasn’t lying when she said “I like you too.”

Benita wasted no time ridding herself of her clothes. There wasn’t much fabric to be rid of anyway. The black gown was so short it almost didn’t exist. She wore no panties and no bra either. Michael had also simply extricated himself from the robe he had donned after his shower and her appreciation of his chiseled body and long d!-cck did not go unnoticed, fueling his confidence immensely. Her nak3-dness exposed a stomach that wasn’t flat but the little tummy flab added to her appeal rather than turn him off. Her pv-$sy was completely shorn just like the bald nether regions of the centre fold girls who had graced the pages of the s3-xval magazines that first caught his interest as a young boy, but the darker patch on her lower pelvis indicated that she favoured shaving over waxing. He hadn’t expected her to be waxed anyway.

She was a tad surprised when he gently pulled her to himself and put his l!ps on hers. She hadn’t pegged him for a romantic. He had the detached demeanour of an impatient man who only saw her as a means to relieve himself and would rather be anywhere else attending to things of importance that deserved his time. His response when she had tested the waters by “overcharging” him had also further proved that he was no fool despite his obvious affluence and disconnect from the lifestyle of the average hustler; the very same which had ultimately led her into the proclaimed oldest profession known to mankind.

She also wasn’t in the business of k!$$-ing her customers, but there was something so gentle, so loving about it that she hadn’t felt since taking her first stranger to bed for money, and it stirred something within her. This was going to take her whole night anyway, she might as well treat herself to the pleasures of her trade too. She surrendered to his warmth and ki

!$$ed him back passionately, her hands roaming his bare back as they explored each other. When he broke the k!$$ and looked at her, she squeezed her legs shut to tame the fires that had started in her pv-$$y before they raged out of control so early into their sensual contact.

She had had so much meaningless s3-x that it had become routine to her. She couldn’t remember when last she actually craved c3-x and enjoyed it. Michael was reminding her that she could. She was starting to wonder who the pros-t!tute really was, between them. She had to earn her keep.

She took the initiative to push him gently back onto the pillow, making an effort to be romantic too. He watched without a word as she k!-$$ed him from his chest to his navel, and then gripping both his thighs, descended on him, her mouth enclosing his long, straining man-h00d that already glittered with pre-cvmm.

She gave him everything she had, hoping, trying to elicit a m0-@n that would communicate his pleasure to her, and failing. He lay there, silently watching her head bob up and down the slippery length of his large c0-cck, aided at intervals by his hands. She gave up five minutes later, receiving nothing for her troubles but a tired jaw and puzzling thoughts of why she cared about giving him pleasure beyond the nut she owed him, which he would himself now work for anyway. She came up searching his face with a genuine expression of concern. He read its meaning and his heart clave all the more tightly to her for her unexpected tenderness towards him.

Was this a part of the customer service, to make sure he was satisfied? Or did she truly care about him, even if only for a brief moment? Whatever it was, it had made their connection seem more human than a business transaction between a hooker and one of her numerous clients.

She lay on her back quickly and spread her legs apart, waiting for him to put on the con-d0m he had just grabbed off the tabletop.

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