After just one date with a pros-t!tute, i promised not to let her depart from my presence – 4

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Instead, he flipped over and lay between her legs, his head hovering above her pv-$sy. She stared at him incredulously, as though he had gone mad. Her eyes danced with disbelief, curiosity, and anticipation.

She refused to let herself believe he would do it. A lot of men she knew wouldn’t do it to their wives. Her personal hygiene was impeccable but just based off the general stigma that came with her line of work, how many men would of their own accord actually tongue-k!$$ a k!tty that had known so many lovers, so many strangers? But a part of her wanted so badly for him to do it. A moist, soft, pink, velvety part of her. And a feminine part of her she didn’t know she still had. The woman in her that was somehow still alive despite the eternity she had spent giving herself to be treated like less in exchange for her survival.

He did it. Oh fv-cck! He was doing it. Why? Didn’t this kid know she was a wh0-re? Then with a dawning realization that even she in her thoughts believed herself to be worth much less than a proper lady and undeserving of special treatment, she began to cry, her body racked by the sobs of a broken heart and the ecstasy that shot through her from Michael’s 0ra| attentions. The combination was an overly potent aphr0-d!siac. Whatever his reasons were for unexpectedly eating her pv-$sy, for his satisfaction or for hers, she was grateful.

She felt like a woman again. She did not mind that he stopped before she cl!-m@xed. She was sure that before the night was over, the org-@sms that had so far been teased would not evade her. He was wilder now, his movements filled with a more animalistic urgency as he tore at the con-d0m wrapper. She had other ideas. If she had made a verbal request for raw c3-x, he might have kept his wits about him long enough to decide against it. But she had leaned forward instead and gently relieved him of the con-d0m which she tossed aside, holding his eyes with hers as she closed her fingers around his c0-cck from underneath his shaft and pulled him back down onto her. He was between her soft fleshy thighs, her big br3-@sts heaving beneath him as she looked submissively into his eyes and tugged his large pr!-ck. Michael stood no chance.

Since everyone was in such a giving mood tonight, she decided, far be it from her to stifle the trend. She guided his throbbing length to the entrance of her wet folds, and she gave him all her sweetness, without the interference of a rubber. He gave her the m0-@n she had desperately sought earlier, the guttural groan planting the s3-x!est of smiles on her l!ps and sending shivers of satisfaction coursing through her. He paused to recover, willing back the cv-mm that threatened to shoot out with the overwhelming first-time sensation of her pv-$sy, the woman herself, and his imagination. It was everything he had thought it would be, and more.

She gave him her whispered husky command; “Fv-cck me daddy, please”.

He gave her strokes worthy of Picasso’s angry genius, thrusting his stiff pr!-cck into her with an expertise he didn’t know he had but was sure didn’t come from experience.

She gave him her cries of pleasure, driving him crazy with lust and something else, another emotion he knew was trouble but drove him on harder than lust.

He gave her ten minutes of energy, easing off only when his org-@sm had built up to a dangerously close threshold.

She gave him her body, and he did with her what he pleased, molding her into a new posture with her right leg slung across his left shoulder, the thigh pushed upward and backward by the weight of his body leaning into her, leaving them in a scissor-like position. Now he gave her his full length.

As he rammed his meat into her juicy pv-$sy, all he knew was nothing had ever been sweeter. Benita trembled and m0-@ned as she cl!-m@xed, waves of pleasure washing over her as he pounded into her with his pulsating pen-!s. Then she gave him his org-@sm without reservation, cooing to him to cv-mm inside her. He deserved a warm, moist, happy ending.

Michael could not have refused the offer even if he wanted to. Blinded by bliss and no longer in control of his body, he gave her his sp3-rm, releasing every drop in his ba||s as her constricting pv-$sy milked him dry in thirty prolonged seconds of toe-curling, muscle-tightening magic. He did not see her get off the bed and go into the bathroom.

He was wrapped in the lingering nirvana of his cl!-m@x, as lost as his v!r-g!nity. He heard the water run though, and pulled himself off the bed to join her in the bathroom. They both showered in silence, rubbing each other sensually underneath the soothing water.

Only when they got back into bed did they speak, Benita taking the lead.

“That was so good,” she said softly, her fingers playing across his chest.

“You were amazing too,” he replied.

Her beautiful smile told him she appreciated the compliment and was happy she had made him feel good.

Her smile slowly took on a quality of sadness, her mind racing. In the morning, someone she really liked would be gone and he would probably never see her as anything more than a cheap wh0-re. Such were the thoughts on her mind as she was submerged underneath the waves of a gentle slumber.

Michael had very different thoughts. The smell of her intoxicated him. But he knew there was more to her than how she smelled, how she looked, how she talked, and what she did to survive. He was sure now that he would never forget her, but he wasn’t sure he wanted her in his life as only a memory. Tomorrow he would ask her about herself. Tomorrow he would put a smile on her face by pleasantly surprising her with 100k or maybe more, and then they would figure out how to move forward. Tomorrow would bring clarity.

He closed his eyes and drifted off. In his sleep, he dreamt of a younger Michael wrapped in the skirts of a harlot…

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