Careless indulgence between my aunt and I led to constant s3-x – II

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There was no stopping them after that. Aunty Cecilia eagerly turned down the room she used to sleep before their first s3-xval romp. Her favourite room was now the one by Ladele’s. Of course, she always ended up on Ladele’s bed once his father and mother had retired to bed.

One day the family had a party in the village and right there in her car, in the dead of the night, she lured Ladele into his first car c3-x. Three weeks after this, however, Aunty Cecilia’s period refused to show face. After two weeks without it, she became worried. She had never missed her period before and it had never failed for more than one day. She went to the clinic, bought a pregnancy test kit and peed in a container to know her fate. She almost fainted at the sight of double red lines. To be extra sure, she went for a blood test the following day and her worst fear was confirmed: a foetus was growing in her. She was happy, she was sad. Happy she was pregnant for the first time in her life and sad she was pregnant for a boy eight years younger than she was. She wondered how she was going to handle it. First she stayed away from Ladele’s house and from Ladele’s mother, but since she never stayed too long away from her, Ladele’s mother soon started harassing her with phone calls. She gave excuses after another. She had no choice but to come to the house. For the first time in months, she chose her old room to stay and h0-rny Ladele was hoping she would show up in his bedroom. From then on, she avoided Ladele who had gotten used to their relationship, especially the c3-x, it was good and he wanted more of it.

Ladele confronted her on phone one day and she told him point-blank that they needed to stop. Before he could protest, she banged the phone on him. She, however, called Ladele to come to her house one day. There she told him she was pregnant.

“I am just telling you so that you will know, not because I want you to marry me or take care of the baby.”

That was the last Ladele heard of her. She moved away from her apartment, changed her numbers and became incommunicado…

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