How I Got Trapped In An Illicit Affair After Arguing About The G-$p0t -Pls Advise III

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T begged me for one more time before my wedding. Like a hypnotized human being, I said yes. We met at a hotel after work and T did all kinds of dirty things to me. I cried after cos the guilt was just too much to bear. I enjoyed every second with T…I felt a level of pleasure no man has ever made me feel. My whole body felt like an earthquake went through me. I told T that one of us had to quit our job cos our attraction for one another is out of control.

T agreed and said I should quit cos he has a family to sustain…he needs the job. I was like…ok, I will start looking for a job. After my wedding a week later, my heart started to beat even more cos I was going back to work cos I was yet to find another job yet. The day I went back to work after two weeks,,…I stayed away from T….I tried.

The second day too…I tried….T came by me and said I should meet him in the office bathroom. I said no…he said he was not going to p3netr@t3 but just f!ng3r me…I told him no. Everyday, he would send me er0t!c messages….asking me to let him f!ng3r me. And every day, I would be fantasizing about him touching me.

After work one day, T and another colleague said they would join me home cos they didn’t come with their cars. We used to drop each other before so I could not refuse. I dropped the other colleague first. Once T saw the guy step out… he brought out his d*kc and I almost lost control of the steering. He asked me to drive to a restaurant close by and I did.

T fingered me and I did the same for him. No p3ne3trat!0n and that has happened about 4 times since I been married three months ago. I am so ashamed of myself for this but the only way out is that I resign but what will I tell my husband made me to resign? I need your advise…I know what I am doing is wrong…I know it cos after every time…I am consumed with heavy guilt.

What should I do please? What excuse will I give for resigning? My husband and I need the job…its not like his job pays very heavy…but if I keep working here…I will never be able to control myself around T…even T is worried…he says his feelings for me is beginning to affect his marriage…that its me he always thinking of…

For the sake of our spouses…we are both married and love our spouses…..see how we are both having an illicit affair because T knows how to get to my G-$p0t and keep me stupid anytime he touches me…please help us with advise…this is too complicated and we both cant help ourselves….

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