I Cannot Recognize The Wife I Married Anymore-Please Advise II

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This revelation really upset me cos I love my wife very much but I am now seeing her in a different light and I am wondering if I really know who I married. To make matters worse, I cannot move out of this apartment because I just paid for two years …two months before we got married. Now, when am at work, I am afraid that she is smoking pot but she swears she is not.

I smell her everyday when I return and I even thought of locking her inside the house but she is getting worked up and saying I don’t trust her and truly, my trust for her has dropped…like am I over reacting? why would she hide this from me? is she really over this habit or is she doing it behind my back?

In my frustration, I spoke to the landlord and asked him to speak to his son to stay away from my wife or I would report him to the police that he smokes hemp…and the landlord he is not worried, I can do whatever I like cos they have given up on the boy. I also spoke to the guy and told him to stay away from my wife or I would do something to him. He said fine but that my wife must pay him for the supplies he gave her before or he will expose her.

My first reaction was , is this guy trying to blackmail my wife too? I told him no way am paying for the supplies if he thinks he can blackmail us for smoking hemp…but when I got back, I took my wife’s phone and then, I saw their messages where this stupid boy was asking my wife to pay him for the hemp he gave her and my wife said she has no money now but promises to pay back and this guy suggested she pay him back by giving him her pv-ssy…to which my wife replied….never again.

That was two days ago…I was enraged…I almost beat up my wife…what does she mean by never again? was there a time she did that? she said she meant to say never as in at all…not that they have done it before. my head is spinning. I have asked her to go and stay with her sister in Ikeja for now cos I am so angry I might beat her up or even divorce her.

Every day…all kinds of thoughts are going through my head…is my wife an addict? did she sleep with that guy? I don’t know what to think…I fear the worst if I dig deeper…what if she actually did sleep with this useless guy to pay him for the hemp? how do I look at her again ? Will this lead to the end of our marriage even before it begins?

Please advise me on how to handle this…her sister is shocked and is saying this is a spiritual attack cos they never knew their sister was into this…they are begging me to be patient and not take any action yet…so what do I do now? Wait for them to pray this away? I do not think prayer will work in this matter…while I am even trying to come to terms that I may have a wife as a drug addict…what I cannot ever forgive is, if she slept with this guy…

I am so restless and confused on what to do…

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