Its A Complicated Love Affair But They Say Love Is Not Enough-Pls Advise II

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when I discovered I was pregnant. My initial reaction was shocking cos I was fully protected for six months contraction injection. But the test came positive and my boyfriend asked me to abort it cos he does not want to upset his wife. I cried and cried . I now realized that even though I have given him 3 years of my life, he just chose his absentee wife over me and his unborn child.

He sent me to his family clinic and arranged for a doctor to attend to me. It was the most painful experience of my life. I was in the hospital for three days. His father, who is the Chef Medical director of the hospital discovered I was on admission on the second day and asked to see me. He came around to the hospital and was very sympathetic.

His father would check on me everyday until when I was discharged. He started calling me, sending me money, checking on me. Flirting with me. I told him I can not be with him after what his son did to me. He said his son is foolish to let go of me for that stupid wife in Australia.

The father said its childhood foolish love that his son has for the wife cos they have been together since childhood but he sees me as a much better choice for his son…just unfortunate that the son does not see me so.

I wish I can tell you all the things the father said did not affect me but I found myself shamefully giving into him and started sleeping with him three months later. The father is divorced and I am single so what could be so wrong in what am doing? Maybe I wanted revenge for what his son did to me but after seeing the father for like 2 months, my boyfriend came back begging me to take him back.

Obviously he is not aware that I am dating his father. I think he had a serious issue with his wife. The wife started giving him a feeling that she does not want to continue with the marriage and because I love him, I am torn between him and his father. His father does not want to end it with me…he is a very good lover to me but its his son I am in love with.

So, you see….I am seeing father and son now, although he has given me an ultimatum to choose between him and his son. Should I stay with the father who is single and has been nothing but kind to me since his son dumped me or should I stay with the son who I am very much in love with?

They say love is not enough to be with a person, does that mean I should stay with the father? Or should I give my boyfriend one last chance hoping he may actually forget his wife who is really not in his life? This is messy but you cant control who you fall in love with.

My main issue is: I want to end the situation with the father but I don’t know how my boyfriend will feel if he ever discovers I dated his father…will that ruin my chances of him choosing me? Of course, I cannot marry the father…what we have is at best, only a relationship…how do I truly make sure that I can solidify my position with my boyfriend?

Should I ask him to file for a divorce before I accept him back fully? I am confused please. I also want to be sure of my stand before I end things with the father…I love my boyfriend so much that I want to accept him and beg him to leave his wife foe me but what if he still does not leave her….that will not make me stop loving him cos I have realized what I feel for him is deep. I just want to make the right decision before I am 30 years old.

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