My Sister’s Husband Is The Father Of My Son. It’s Not Funny But Many Things Happened – II

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I later gained admission to the university. I heaved a sigh of relief. I thought that leaving the house would put an end to my brother in law’s amorous advances. I was wrong. It actually increased his desperation.

I still remember that fateful morning. My sister and her husband left the house with their children. I was alone, arranging my things ahead of resumption. After putting everything together, I entered the bathroom for a cold shower.

Since I was the only one in the house, I locked the entrance door but didn’t bother to lock my room. I came out of the bathroom nv-de and met

Uncle Frank na-k3d, rubbing his palm on his turgid d!-cck! I slumped.

By the time I opened my eyes, my brother in law was sweating on top of me, forcibly having c3-x. The spectacle was frightening. And when he eventually stood up, I noticed that the bedspread was bloodstained. Ha! Uncle Frank had defiled me. I wept inconsolably. He blamed it on the devil, shamelessly prostrated several times and begged me to save his marriage.

Not only that, he washed the bedspread, lifted me from the floor where I was crying, took me to the washroom and bathed me like a baby. Afterwards, he drove me to a nearby pharmacy and bought some drugs for me. He assured me that what happened was a grave mistake and won’t reoccur again. Did I believe him ? Not really? But, somehow, he invaded my heart with unusual generosity. He took my bank account details and transferred one hundred thousand naira (100,000.00) to me for shopping. Yet he personally bought virtually everything I needed for me. He warned me not to tell my sister of the largesse so that she wouldn’t suspect anything. I obliged.

A day before I departed for school, he sent me a text message that he wanted to come home for lunch and to discuss something with me.

Lunch? Discuss with me? Especially when my sister was at work and the children, in school. I smelt a rat. But I resigned to fate.

To my greatest shock, Uncle Frank showed up at home before noon. I didn’t know when I said: ” It’s not yet afternoon sir…I have not prepared your lunch, I’m just about to…” He interrupted me: ” Never Mind, Judith. The discussion is more important than the lunch”

He started by apologising to me and promised to make me forget the agony that he put me through on the first day of c3-x.

He drew close, k!-$sed me lightly, stealthily tick|!ng my ears and care-$$!ng my braids. He unzipped my jean trousers, dipped his hand underneath my pants and I began to pant in helpless surrender. He made love to me on the couch..

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